Welcome to creative tourism, the success of DIY

The success of Do It Yourself, (or by its initials DIY) is no longer confined inside the walls of private houses, it has escaped to enter the world of tourism.

Now no one questions that creative tourism is a trend with more and more fans. The success of DIY is no longer limited to private homes; it has now entered the world of tourism.

More and more people join this movement in order to use their own hands at their favorite pastimes: cooking, writing, painting, sculpting... The possibilities are many and varied, and that's why a lot of hotels and establishments have signed up to this trend by offering packs or sessions that promote creative tourism.

More and more experts say that this type of activity is essential to allow us to disconnect from the big city and to learn to relax. Mindfulness is a concept that supports this interest in handiwork pastimes designed to enable the brain to dispel day-to-day cares by focusing on a single objective, which, in this case, is created by the users themselves.

The success of creative tourism

A new way to travel is born: creative tourism. And the standard for slow leisure in Spain, La Bobadilla, a Royal Hideaway Hotel, which was awarded the "Prize for Excellence for the best Resort Hotel," joins one of the most promising artists on the national scene, Nuria Blanco, with a view to offering a unique activity. Now, in workshops comprising small groups, guests will be able to learn to design and paint their own earthen tableware. A centuries-old art form, it is being taught for the first time in exceptional surroundings.

Following the boom in DIY and in the trends that reconnect us with Nature, La Bobadilla, a Royal Hideaway Hotel, has created a creative tourism workshop in which the guests can learn to paint their tableware.  

The real luxury is learning

That's why the most pioneering establishments in the luxury sector are beginning to add workshops to their selection of activities and services. From the classic Yoga class to the most ecological workshops where you can learn to recycle or cultivate your own urban vegetable garden.

The luxury is customization

The increasing popularity of the bespoke style is just another sign of consumers' liking for customized products and services. Fashion brands are created to give consumers the option of customizing shoes, purses, etc. At this workshop, Nuria Blanco will teach us, step by step, with the gentleness required for arts and crafts projects, to create unique pieces, which the guests will later be able to keep in order to remember the experience always. Moreover, with the abilities acquired, visitors will be able to design and decorate their own earthenware dinner set.

Health benefits

Painting not only helps you express feelings and emotions: it also provides many benefits. The mere fact of concentrating your attention on a creative task and forgetting everything else, for a while, allows you to really combat stress and put your worries aside.

The mind concentrates on creating and stops multitasking for a while. Because the creation process itself requires a state of mental serenity in which stressful thoughts and tension have no place.

Moreover, it improves the memory, the imagination and increases the capacity for introspection.

Finally, in painting, both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated. Firstly the logical-rational left side, but also the right side, which controls our creativity and emotions.

When: The first workshop will be held during the weekend of 13 to 15 May

Workshop price: Starting from 25€/2 hours

Enrollment limited: labobadilla.info@barcelo.com