World Sleep Day: how to get the best night's sleep on holiday

There's nothing worse than sleeping badly when you're on holiday. To celebrate World Sleep Day, we share our tips for sleeping well on a trip.

Holidays are all about relaxation. They’re our chance to finally slow down the pace and recover from the pressures of our hectic lives. The last thing you want is a bad night’s sleep when you’re on holiday, so this World Sleep Day we thought we’d share our tips for getting the best quality shut eye whenever you go away.

After all, a lot of people struggle to sleep well in their own beds, and many can find it tough to wind down and sleep properly when they’re in unfamiliar surroundings.

But there are certain things you can do to maximise your chances of getting the best quality rest on your holiday.

Read on to find out exactly what they are.

World Sleep Day: choose the best hotel for your holiday

We think it pretty much goes without saying that where you sleep on your holiday is going to have a massive impact on your sleep quality, and we’d like to take International Sleep Day as our opportunity to remind you that you deserve the best.

If you want to sleep well and prioritise your wellness, then you need to be staying somewhere that’s designed with the best sleep quality in mind.

When you’re on the hunt for the best hotel beds, take a peek at which hotels get the best reviews for the comfort of their beds. Barceló hotels like the Occidental Vigo and the Occidental Madrid Este have had rave reviews from their guests about how well they’ve slept.

As well as the ratings, there are a couple of things you should be looking out for when you’re making your choice.

How to sleep well in a hotel: choose the best hotel room

The room you’re sleeping in has a big impact on how you sleep. Things like the colour scheme and layout of a room can have far more of an impact than you’d expect.

Look for a room that’s been decorated in calming, warm colours, with plenty of space, and preferably lots of natural light. A room with sea views or just overlooking parks or gardens also creates a wonderful sensation of restfulness.

Make sure you check out the photos of the room you’ll be staying in, and go for the room that makes you feel relaxed just by looking at the snaps, even if you have to pay a little more than you normally would. Go on, you deserve it, and not just on World Sleep Day.

Make sure you’ll be sleeping on the best hotel mattress

Now we’re getting into the nitty gritty. As well all know, the mattress you sleep on has a massive impact on your sleep quality.

Your opinion on the best hotel bed mattress will vary depending on your taste in mattresses. Some people like a softer mattress, but some people like a harder surface to sleep on. This is another thing you should turn to reviews for.

How to sleep well on holiday: go easy on the alcohol

The hotel you choose and mattress you sleep on can only take you so far. There are a lot of other things you can do to give yourself the best chance of enjoying the best sleep travel.

When you’re on holiday, you want to let your hair down, and it can be tempting to hit the bar every single night and have one too many cocktails. But if you’re prioritising your sleep, then you need to keep your alcohol consumption in check.

After all, although it can be easy to drift off when you’ve had a few glasses of wine, your sleep quality is usually poorer, overall.

Relax and enjoy yourself, but make sure you’re drinking in moderation if you want to wake up feeling rested.

Tips for frequent travellers: make sure you’re exercising daily

When you’re away, often all you want to do is lie on a sun lounger with a good book and not lift a finger. But if you want to sleep well, then you need to squeeze in at least some light exercise every single day.

Walk rather than taking your hire car, stretch in the mornings, and consider doing some activities that get you moving, like going on hikes or tours or trying your hand at a new sport.

Natural ways to sleep well: limit screen time

Just as you would when you’re at home, you shouldn’t be up late looking at bright screens. One of the best ways to sleep well on holiday is to make sure that you turn off all your screens at least half an hour before bed. Make the most of the opportunity to finally plough through all those books you’ve been meaning to read.

Sleep and travel: treat yourself to a couple of early nights

If you want to get out there and have fun all night long on your holiday, then that’s wonderful. But you don’t have to be out on the town every night. A couple of deliciously early nights will be wonderfully restorative.

As long as you take good care of yourself, do everything in moderation and treat yourself to a restful hotel room, travel sleep shouldn’t be a problem.

Why not use World Sleep Day as the perfect excuse to book yourself the perfect relaxing holiday?