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6899 reviews

Ultimate Dive Experience programme on the island
Kid’s club and water park
Privileged location



3244 reviews

Privileged location in the center of Varadero
Access to one of Varadero's best beach areas
Excellent nightclub

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You’ll always have fond memories of a family holiday. When you first travel abroad with little ones it’s all about fun and discovery. Allegro Hotels families are the perfect places to make unforgettable memories with your loved ones, whether you stay in the heart of the most fascinating cities in Spain or travel to one of the many destinations along the Mexican coastline.

Family holidays in the Caribbean

It’s a well-known fact that there are very few destinations that can compete with the Riviera Maya, and that the island of Cozumel is perfect for little ones. Multicoloured fish swim close to the shore, there are kid’s clubs right on the beach and a pirate-themed water park within the children’s swimming pools – the Allegro Hotels families are the best way to make a fun holiday unforgettable.

City break with children

It’s not all about the countryside and beach: city breaks with children are the perfect way to have fun together while discovering somewhere new. Allegro Hotels families can be reached on foot and offer new experiences for children.

Tenerife: the perfect destination for a family trip

The largest island in the Canary Islands is home to Mount Teide, lively beaches and a friendly atmosphere that kids will love. Just one more reason why beach hotels are the perfect destination for having fun, knowing that your children’s first holiday will be a complete success.

The world is big and it’s better if you enjoy it with the people you love. Barceló Hotel Group hotels for families offer you the chance to discover the best destinations.