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Mountains, volcanoes and lush tropical forests give so much character to this fertile land, nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Delve into this wild environment with the tourism on offer at the all inclusive hotels and resorts in Costa Rica and choose maximum luxury and comfort during your stay in the country. Those who choose to live life to the full also choose exclusive experiences in captivating destinations during their holiday.

All inclusive holidays in Costa Rica: life to the full

The expression “pure life” is one of the most popular in the local language of the people of Costa Rica. This expression is used as a very natural greeting and in essence refers not only to a state of mind or a way of facing daily life, but also to the inevitable contact with nature.

The “pure life” of Costa Ricans is also found in the biodiversity of the landscapes that characterise the country, deep in its crystal-clear waters and in its lush tropical rain forests. It is of course also found in the all inclusive hotels in Costa Rica. These are places designed to allow guests to disconnect from their daily routine and experience a new level of excellence that exceeds the expectations of many travellers. For those looking for maximum exclusivity during their stay, the adults-only option available at some of the all-inclusive resorts in the Gulf of Papagayo is especially appealing. This accommodation type has exclusive access for adults only, with the intention of offering guests extra peace and quiet surrounded by paradise.

Luxury and privacy are the key to an all inclusive holiday in Costa Rica, and the most genuine way to discover the true meaning of “pure life”.

An all inclusive experience in the Costa Rican rainforest and sea

Costa Rica’s biodiversity has made it one of the most popular destinations in the world in terms of ecotourism. The country is divided into 12 different areas and has 26 national parks. Not surprisingly, the protected areas cover a quarter of the country’s territory. With such appealing surroundings, it is essential during any stay in Costa Rica to experience some of the most amazing landscapes in Central America.

The all inclusive hotel options in Tambor Beach, in the Gulf of Nicoya, are among the most appealing for those looking for a little of everything (sea, rain forest, mountains and rivers). On the other hand, the all inclusive resorts in Tamarindo, in the northwest of the country, are geared more towards those wishing to enjoy idyllic beaches perfect to relax and disconnect during their all inclusive holiday.

The Barceló Hotel Group’s all inclusive hotels in Costa Rica are always found in the vicinity of places of interest. From important historical and cultural settlements to endless coffee and banana plantations, turtle sanctuaries, waterfalls and hot springs, elegant magnolia gardens and even the rain forest, home to the famous howler monkeys. A fascinating mosaic of colour and life that is impossible to forget.