Round-up of the best beaches in Cuba

Round-up of the best beaches in Cuba

Round-up of the best beaches in Cuba

Looking for the best beaches in Cuba ? The largest of all Caribbean islands and one of the most fascinating, Cuba has plenty to offer visitors looking to do more than just indulge in late night salsa dancing and cigar smoking in the capital city of Havana .

Offering generous shorelines of powdery soft water and crystal-clear waters, Cuba plays home to some of the most idyllic beaches in the world. So, if you are looking to spend your days sprawled out under the sun or make the most of the numerous dive spots dotted around the coastline, there is a perfect beach in Cuba waiting for you to explore.

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Get inspired with our selection of the best beaches in Cuba.

Best beaches in Cuba: Varadero Beach

Offering 25km of soft sandy shores spanning the entire peninsula, it is no wonder the Varadero beach has become one of Cuba’s most popular.

Work your way from one end to the other, indulging in the numerous activities available here including diving, sailing, snorkelling and fishing or take a break and retreat to some of the nearby museums and art galleries that lay just a few feet away.

Playa Ancon

Sitting just outside the city of Trinidad, Playa Ancon is widely renowned for being one of the best beaches in Cuba’s south coast – offering the longest stretch of sand in the area, surrounded by the glittering turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

With more than 20 dive sites, this is the perfect place for snorkellers and divers looking to explore the reefs surrounding the shoreline and the numerous sunken ships scattered along the seabed.

Cayo Sabinal

If you are looking to escape the Cuban crowds in search of a little downtime, then the beautiful and deserted beaches of Cayo Sabinal are just were you need to head next.

Tucked away from tourists thanks to its isolated geographical location, this untouched piece of paradise is worth the 7km journey across a bumpy dirt track just to experience the complete tranquillity that awaits on the other side. Imagine blinding white beaches and serene sapphire waters, while wild horses and deer roam the surrounding woodland – there is nowhere more magical to spend an afternoon or a few days…

Best beaches in Cuba: Playa del Este

If it is a party you are after, then there is nowhere better than the buzzing beaches of Playas del Este – one of the most popular beaches that make up the Santa Maria Del Mar. Just a short 20-minute drive from Havana, it is no wonder this is spot is popular amongst locals and tourists alike.

While this is admittedly not one of Cuba’s most spectacular looking beaches, there will be plenty to keep you busy with the various bars and clubs which line the adjacent streets and you will guaranteed to make a few Cuban friends along the way!

Cayo Saetia

A perfect place for adventure seekers, this small idyllic island located on the northern coast of Holguin province is the only place in Cuba where you can enjoy your very own safari experience.

Jump in a Jeep or set off on horseback to discover the variety of wildlife which freely roam the island including giraffes, buffalo, ostriches and zebras. Finish your day with a trip to one of the islands 11 gemlike beaches before settling in for a siesta on the plush white sand under the shade of the mangroves.

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Best beaches in Cuba: Bahia De Baracoa

While it is somewhat hard to get sick of the soft white sandy beaches that Cuba offers, Bahia de Baracoa located on the eastern tip, is a beach with true character. With velvety dark sands surrounded by verdant jungle and the peaks of the mountains fading in to the distance, Baracoa may just well be one of Cuba’s best kept secrets.

Be sure to grab yourself a cornet – which is a local delicacy made of palm leaf and filled generously with coconut, banana and honey and you have got yourself a perfect afternoon.

Cayo Coco and Guillermo

Located off the northern coast of Cuba, the neighboring islands of Cayo Coco and Guillermo are the perfect place for families and sports enthusiasts alike. Thanks to its pristine conditions and shallow waters, parents with young children can relax while watching the kids splash around, while others can participate in serene water-sports including kayaking, sailing and windsurfing. The variety on offer certainly makes this one of the best beaches in Cuba.