Escape the winter blues right now with a Caribbean getaway

Enjoy the best getaways in the Caribbean this winter and discover the safest islands to visit from our list of the best Caribbean vacation destinations

Discover the best getaways in the Caribbean

The holiday season is fast approaching and as temperatures drop we find ourselves dreaming of the long summer days spent with loved ones. However, the winter doesn’t have to be spent wrapped up in coats and scarves, hands clenched around a coffee. Why not turn your island daydream into a reality and discover some of the best getaways in the Caribbean all of which offer sundrenched long winter days just waiting to be spent on the beach.

Best Caribbean Vacations in 2020

The time of year to enjoy the best getaways in the Caribbean is during the months of November till April when the islands and coastlines experience a drier, less humid heat and the threat of rainfall is less prominent. Due to their strategic position, the islands that form the Caribbean enjoy long stretches of sunshine during the winter months offering just what the doctor ordered to banish those winter blues. For those dreaming of kicking back on the beach in a hammock, then the Mexican Caribbean coastline offers buttercream white sand beaches and an untouched island beauty that will have you feeling like you are living inside a computer screensaver. The best Caribbean island for snorkeling is considered by some to be Aruba due to the unusual amount of shipwrecks found in its shallow waters and the rainbow of colorful fish that have made this ocean their home. So, whether you are looking for the safest islands to visit, or, simply just want to discover the best Caribbean vacation destinations that fit your hobbies and interests, you can be sure that there is an island for you.

Discover the beauty of Aruba, the best caribbean island for snorkeling

Best Getaways in the Caribbean

We all have the idea that the Caribbean is just a collection of small islands covered with a dusting of white sand and punctuated with palm trees but there is so much more to this glamorous coastline than meets the eye. Firstly, the Caribbean region measures 1000 miles north to south and is not only made up from islands but also the stretches of coastline that are embraced by the Caribbean ocean. The most popular Caribbean islands are the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, each offering their own dose of island charm. These popular Caribbean destinations can be easily reached from the United States as well as from Europe making them perfect winter retreats.

Romantic Places in the Caribbean for Couples

If you are looking for the most romantic Caribbean vacation then look no further than the Mexican town of Cancún and its bohemian neighbor, Tulum. The endless sunshine, textbook perfect beaches and crystalline waters make the Mexican Caribbean not only one of the most romantic places in the world but also one of the best getaways in the Caribbean. Home to exclusive all inclusive 5 star hotels, let your worries melt away and spend some quality time with your partner in a luxury spa hotel. Or, for those wanting to top up tans while sipping on sundowners then staying in a beachfront hotel is a must. There is no better place to fall in love than paradise, so set all calls to voicemail and relax listening to the gentle sound of the breeze rustling the palms and the waves kissing the shore.

Spend time with loved ones this year and enjoy the best caribbean vacations

Our Favorite Caribbean Destinations for All Out Glamour

Of course, nothing is better than living out our favorite movie scenes and the sandy beaches of Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana offer the perfect setting to relive our James Bond fantasies. From Las Vegas style Casinos, Luxury shopping malls, excursions on private boats and not to mention the free flowing supply of cigars and rum, the flashier the better is the rule on this island. Be sure not to miss out on marveling at the incredible natural richness that this island has to offer. Sugar cane, cacao and coffee are just a few of the crops grown at the vast plantations that populate the landscape and the National Park of the East offers a breathtaking example of the wildlife that inhabits the island. The ocean also attracts a whole menagerie of sea life, most notably whales, which can be seen up close on a whale watching tour. The Dominican Republic is one of the best getaways in the Caribbean for nature lovers thanks to its luscious scenery. Of course, to experience the epic landscapes in the most luxurious way possible be sure to take a helicopter trip over the island to see paradise from above.

Discover the safest islands to visit for your next Caribbean getaway

Amazing Caribbean Vacations For All Ages

If you are looking for the best Caribbean places to travel as a family then a destination that offers a combination of city and beach is the perfect choice. The Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico and Cuba both offer this mass appeal, captivating travelers with their stately colonial architecture and colorful culture. Learn the art of cigar rolling and get swept off your feet in a salsa class as you travel back in time through Cuba’s mystical cities. And, let the vintage American cars transport you to the island's famous monuments and watering holes to enjoy a local experience. Just be sure to try a Mojito - the local tipple of choice. The neighboring island of Puerto Rico is debated to be the nicest place in the Caribbean  and it offers a different style of old world Spanish charm, bewitching tourists with its natural splendor and classic architecture. It is home to the only tropical rainforest in the United States, El Yunque as well as being one of the best getaways in the Caribbean for golfers with 23 golf courses to enjoy. It is also the birthplace of the Piña Colada which is best enjoyed when lying on a hotel lounger on a golden sandy beach. Puerto Rico’s gastronomic offering is made famous by the presence of Casa Bacardi, the iconic rum distillery who offer tours and tastings for tourists eager to learn about the production process.

So, turn your wanderlust fantasies of a warm winter into a reality with one of the best Caribbean relaxing vacations around. The only difficulty is choosing which part of paradise you want to visit.