Caribbean Explorer: Discover the true Caribbean through sugar cane fields

Everyone knows that blue is the color par excellance of the Caribbean beaches, but they also know that green is the new promise for summertime for those with an adventurous spirit.

For adventure lovers the world over: it is now possible to get to know the other side of the Dominican Republic.

Everyone knows that blue is the color par excellence of the Caribbean beaches, but green is the new promise for summertime for those with an adventurous spirit who would like to explore the Dominican Republic. The first stop on the list is a visit to the sugar cane fields in the area, thousands of hectares of canes growing in different shades of green, yellow, brown and red.

Walking through sugar cane fields is an incredible experience for all visitors: you see how the canes are harvested and experience a real pleasure for the senses seeing how the juice is still extracted with traditional techniques, preserving age-old customs at a windmill where the cane is fed through the steel masses that milk it. The juice that is extracted is known as guarapo and contains a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and potassium. It is served with ice, very cold, to boost its aroma and flavor. It can also be mixed with a dash of mature rum. This combination is quite common when the harvest comes to an end, as it is the best way to combat the high temperatures in the Caribbean.

After visiting the sugar cane fields and having whetted your appetite with the guarapo, there is nothing better than climbing the mountain up to one of the highest lookout points in the area, surrounded by dense jungle. It is a privileged location from which you can observe the immensity of the greenest Caribbean and try some of the region's most authentic flavors. Creole chicken, moro de guandules (rice with pigeon peas and pork), beans, tostones (green fried bananas) or cassava, which are great for regaining energy to continue discovering the local charms of the most authentic Caribbean.


When descending the mountain, you can stop off at a unique, magical spot: Macao Beach. Located northeast of Punta Cana, this is one of the most beautiful places in the country, as it is one of the few public beaches in the Dominican Republic. With white sand, turquoise water and a never-ending string of palm trees, this beach is bathed by strong tides, hence its recent popularity among surfers. Its waves and dimensions along with the local nature of its visitors have made this beach a “must visit” if you're traveling to the Caribbean and the perfect choice for ending a day like this one. 

There is another beach in the Punta Cana area, slightly more touristy but just as surprising and also a must visit: it is Playa Bávaro. Surrounded by age-old palm trees, this beach features two kilometers of white sand bathed by crystal-clear waters. The Barceló Bávaro Beach Resort, a complex comprising two hotels (one designed specifically for families and the other only for adults) is located on the beachfront. This is the perfect choice of accommodation as 80% of the rooms overlook beautiful Bávaro Beach. 

Because getting to know “the other side” of the Caribbean has never been this much fun, you can lose yourself in its culture and customs and have the purest “lost in Paradise” experience in the Dominican Republic.