Discover the best places for watching flamenco shows in Madrid

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the Spanish capital and uncover the best places to watch flamenco shows in Madrid

Flamenco shows in Madrid: a woman holding castanets in her hands above her head

Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to dive into the vibrant heartbeat of Spanish culture while visiting Madrid. Flamenco is more than a style of dance, it is a living art form that narrates the captivating story of gipsy culture in Spain and their search for identity across the entire Iberian peninsula. Prepare to be allured by the passion, sass and visual appeal of spellbinding flamenco shows in Madrid and let the rhythm of the dance steal you away.

A brief history of flamenco dance in Spain

The soul-stirring and expressive art form of flamenco traces its roots deep into the heart of Andalusia. This unique blend of Romani, Moorish and Spanish Caló music and dance traditions has evolved to become an evocative and powerful means of storytelling and social expression.

This art form typically consists of three distinct parts; cante (the song), baile (the dance) and toque (the guitar); all of which are performed simultaneously, along with a rhythmical rendition of handwork and footwork.

The history of flamenco is extensive, with the first café cantante emerging in 1842 in Seville; a small venue which organised ticketed flamenco performances to the public. In the second half of the century, flamenco was widely popularised, with several café cantantes emerging not only in the larger cities of Andalusia but also in the capital city of Madrid. This was a defining moment in the evolution of flamenco; a period which is now identified as the ‘Golden Age of Flamenco’. 

Flamenco shows in Madrid: A close-up of a man playing a Spanish guitar

The guitar is a key part of flamenco music

The emergence of flamenco shows in Madrid

Over the 19th century, the flamenco community saw increased migration across Spain, causing flamenco to take root in many major Spanish cities. Madrid is not only the capital of Spain but also the new capital of flamenco in Spain. The rise of Madrid as a flamenco hub is made possible thanks to the influence of iconic performers and pivotal moments in the city’s flamenco scene. For example, during the 20th century, the legendary dancer and choreographer Antonio Gades trailblazed his way to the top, leaving an indelible mark on Madrid's flamenco landscape. 

Of course, the emergence of renowned venues like Corral de la Morería and Café de Chinitas further solidified Madrid's status as a flamenco epicentre

Of course, the emergence of renowned venues like Corral de la Morería and Café de Chinitas further solidified Madrid's status as a flamenco epicentre. In these sought-after locations, pioneering artists like Camarón de la Isla and Paco de Lucía electrified audiences with their groundbreaking collaborations, pushing the boundaries of traditional flamenco.

Not only that, Madrid hosts the annual Suma Flamenca Festival, attracting top-tier performers to stop the stages of the city while fostering the innovation of the flamenco shows in Madrid. Today, Madrid is a dynamic, ever-evolving destination for flamenco in Spain. Ready to see this cultural art form up close? Check out our pick of the hottest venues hosting the top flamenco dancers in Madrid…

Flamenco shows in Madrid: A typical view of the side streets in Madrid

Many flamenco bars are tucked away on side streets in Madrid

Corral de la Morería - a Michelin star flamenco restaurant in Madrid

When it comes to flamenco in Madrid, Corral de la Morería is one of the most famous and historic flamenco tablaos, winning ‘The World’s Best Tablao Flamenco Award’ in ‘Las Minas International Festival’ – Spain’s most prestigious flamenco festival. It was also selected in the New York Times' #1 best seller ‘1000 Places to See Before You Die’ as one of the world’s most iconic places. There are shows taking place at the Corral de la Morería every night of the week, with shows lasting up to 1 hour and 10 minutes. Along with this experience, you can enjoy exquisite cuisine either before or during the show at one of the two gastronomic spaces in the venue.

Some of the finest flamenco artists have performed at the Corral de la Morería, such as La Chunga, Antonio Gades, Pastora Imperio and Blanca del Rey, with Blanca del Rey becoming the Art Director of the Morería shows; former winner of the National Flamenco Award. The shows are so iconic that familiar faces from all over the world have been spotted here. The tablao has seen the likes of politicians and presidents such as George Bush, Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, with more recent visitors including Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Natalie Portman and Sandra Bullock. Some would say that the best flamenco in Spain can be witnessed here.

Tablao flamenco: Café de Chinitas

Café de Chinitas sits in the centre of the city near the bustling street of Gran Via and is perfect if you fancy digging into a traditional Spanish paella whilst watching a flamenco show in Madrid. The venue hosts two 90-minute shows every day of the week (apart from Sunday). It serves an excellent choice of tapas, meats, seafood and drinks that spectators can savour whilst enjoying the incredible flamenco performances.

Flamenco shows in Madrid: women dancing flamenco on stage

A flamenco performance in Madrid

Don’t miss a flamenco show at Torres Bermejas in Madrid

Torres Bermejas has seen some of the best flamenco artists in Spain perform at its venue, along with numerous familiar faces in attendance, such as the Queen of Spain and television icons. Its stunning décor and interior are inspired by the beautiful Alhambra Palace in Granada, bringing a southern Spanish feel to the capital. Torres Bermejas discovered a handful of rising stars such as Camarón and Paco de Lucía, so if you are looking for flamenco shows in Madrid, you can expect to experience the utmost professionalism when visiting this tablao. Performances are on every night of the week and there is also a delicious choice of signature cuisine dishes available in the restaurant.

Tablao flamenco in Madrid: Casa Patas

Located in the centre of Madrid, Casa Patas is renowned for hosting some of the more intimate yet extraordinary flamenco shows compared with other Madrid flamenco bars. The venue combines a performance area and a restaurant, with shows beginning at 10:30 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, and 6:00 p.m. or 10:30 p.m. on Friday to Saturday, with the venue closed on Sunday. Casa Patas also has a flamenco school and a flamenco foundation for those who are eager to learn and get in on the action.

Cardamomo - a popular flamenco venue in the city centre

Recommended by The New York Times, Cardamomo is located in the heart of Madrid near Puerto del Sol. It is one of the biggest flamenco locales in the city, with up to three shows taking place every day. If you fancy a bite to eat before you indulge in the flamenco experience, dinner is also served 45 minutes before the show.

Top flamenco dancers: a close-up of a woman’s feet dancing flamenco

Flamenco in Madrid

Las Tablas - a new flamenco bar in Madrid

Las Tablas is one of the newer establishments in Madrid, located in the centre between Gran Via and Princesa. In just ten years, the venue has shot to the top end of the list of best flamenco shows in Madrid. 

In just ten years, the venue has shot to the top end of the list of best flamenco shows in Madrid

Two shows are performed each day: the first at 8:00 p.m. and the second at 10:00 p.m. Depending on the type of ticket you purchase, dinner, tapas and drinks are also available. This is a sure-fire hit if catching some flamenco in Madrid is high on your travel wish list. 

Tablao Flamenco 1911- the old Tablao Villa Rosa

Discover one of the world’s oldest flamenco venues in the heart of the Spanish capital. Tablao Flamenco 1911, originally named Tablao Villa Rosa is located in the famous Santa Ana square in the Las Letras neighbourhood. This unique venue has been hosting shows since its inauguration in 1911 and is known today as the cathedral of flamenco. Major stars such as Antonio Canales have performed here, hypnotising audiences with their magical presence. Today this hideaway in the heart of the city brings to life the alluring mysticism of flamenco and nurtures budding talent to secure the future of this art form.

Where to stay to see the best flamenco dancing in Madrid

To immerse yourself in the heart of Madrid’s flamenco scene, book your stay in the neighbourhoods that pulsate with the passionate rhythm of the dance. For a touch of luxury and an authentic experience, the Barceló Torre de Madrid is strategically located in Plaza de España, a stone’s throw from renowned establishments like Corral de la Morería. Use this stylish and central base to explore the city’s highlights by day and enjoy spellbinding flamenco shows in Madrid by night. Additionally, the Barceló Emperatriz, nestled away in the upscale Salamanca neighbourhood offers travellers a sophisticated retreat with easy access to the city’s must-see flamenco venues.  So, as you can see, those keen to explore the spirit of flamenco in Madrid are spoilt for choice when it comes to places to stay.

Hotels in Madrid: inside the Barceló Torre de Madrid lobby

Barceló Torre de Madrid