A grand tour of the best Barcelona museums

Barcelona is the perfect place for culture lovers of all ages. Discover some of the best Barcelona museums, from art, to culture to history.

Barcelona museums are second to none if you’re looking for variety. While a lot of people are drawn to Barcelona for the beach and sangria, lots of people visit the city specifically to spend a whole weekend, or even a week, discovering one fascinating museum after the next.Whether you’re an art lover, a history buff or a culture vulture, or even a foodie, the best museums in Barcelona won’t disappoint.Oh, and the excellent news is that the beach, tapas and legendary Barcelona nightlife are still ready and waiting for you when you’re all museum-ed out.Ready to discover them? In no particular order, here’s a by-no-means-exhaustive list of our favourite Barcelona museums.

Barcelona museums: Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

This is probably the most iconic of all of the Barcelona art museums and isn’t too far from Barcelona’s city centre, in the direction of Montjuic.It’s a stunning building set in an impressive setting, with beautiful views out across the city. It was originally built for the International Exhibition of 1929.It’s home to a huge selection of Catalan art, from religious artwork to photography, and there are always new temporary exhibitions to see.

Top museums in Barcelona: the Spanish Village

This isn’t a museum in the traditional sense, but is a fascinating insight into Spanish architecture. Another creation for the 1929 Exhibition, not far from the art museum, there’s one house in this specially built ‘Spanish village’ representing each region of Spain.As well as admiring the architecture, there are audio-visual experiences to give you an insight into the cultures, landscapes and cuisines of the different regions.Take a tour from Catalunya, to Galicia, and down to Andalusia, all without leaving Barcelona.

Catalan History Museum Barcelona

Anyone who’s interested in the history of this turbulent area of Spain should visit the Catalan history museum. They guide you through the region’s past, from the prehistoric to the modern day.The exhibits are all very intuitive and gripping, so be sure to set aside a least a few hours if you want to have time to take it all in.

Maritime Museum Barcelona

This centrally located museum was fully renovated and opened to the public in 2014. It’s got a large permanent exhibition, but there are temporary exhibitions here as well.It’s no wonder that much of Barcelona’s history has been linked to the sea, and this museum gives you an insight into that history, and how the Mediterranean shaped the city.The building itself was once much closer to the sea and was used to build galleys.

Chocolate Museum Barcelona

Calling all chocolate lovers. The Chocolate Museum Barcelona is one of the Barcelona museums that you just can’t miss.You’ll find the chocolate museum inside a former monastery. It runs you through the history of chocolate in Europe, from when it first arrived on the continent right up to the modern day.They offer workshops too, so if you fancy making a truffle of your own then make sure you get yourself booked in.[Foto 4: chocolate museum]

Best museums to visit in Barcelona: Erotic Museum of Barcelona

If you’re looking for talk a walk on the sexy side, then Barcelona’s Erotic Museum makes for a different, fascinating afternoon’s activity. It looks at how human sexuality has evolved across time, and in different cultures.Located on the La Rambla, this museum holds hundreds of items related to eroticism, as well as artwork.

Piccasso Museum

There are plenty of homages to this famous artist in the different cities he lived in, but the Picasso Museum Barcelona is one of the most famous. He was born in Malaga, but moved here with his family when he was just 13.He moved around a lot during his life, but he always maintained a close link with Barcelona. Get an insight into his life and legendary art at this, one of the best art museums in Barcelona.

Cool museums in Barcelona: Casa Mila

You can’t come here without visiting a museum of Gaudi, Barcelona. Also known as ‘The Quarry’, this is one of Antoni Guadi’s most famous projects. It’s impressive from the outside, but you have to see it from the inside.The top floor is where you can learn about some of Gaud’s most famous designs, including La Sagrada Familia.*The best museums in Barcelona aren’t always the most famous ones. There are all kinds of quirky, small museums dotted around the city, so if you stumble across any of them, just head inside and learn something new.And when you’ve stuffed your head with as much knowledge as you possibly can, unwind by relaxing on a rooftop terrace, or strolling along any of Barcelona’s beautiful avenues. This city really does have something for everyone.