Getaways for foodies: the best mushroom recipes this fall

Getaways for foodies: the best mushroom recipes...

Getaways for foodies: the best mushroom recipes this fall

If you’re thinking about taking a mini-vacation this fall, our foodie recommendations will surely convince you to visit some of these incredible places in Spain, where fall is the season for one of nature’s finest bounties: mushrooms.

Foodie tourism, where gastronomy plays an essential role in the choice of a destination, is chosen by more and more people these days: two excellent ideas for enjoying some of the best mushroom recipes this fall.



While many people associate mushrooms with the more humid parts of northern Spain, places like Lanzarote are home to rare mushroom varieties such as the so-called “dessert truffle”. Like the black truffle, it is a mycorrhiza, which means that it needs a plant host to grow. It is found in arid and semi-arid zones of Lanzarote such as hills and mountainsides. It is usually harvested in March but can be found at other times of the year as well, which is why this Canary island is becoming a preferred destination for those who want to forage for mushrooms in a less conventional way.

How do you eat them? Unlike the black truffle, which is usually considered a condiment, this Lanzarote-grown truffle is used as an ingredient in and of itself in mushroom recipes. They can either be eaten raw tossed with olive oil and salt and roasted. This is very appealing to foodie travelers in search of new flavors.

If you do decide to visit Lanzarote to try this gastronomic wonder, be sure to combine your fall mushroom experience with a visit to the Barceló Lanzarote Resort hotel. One of the Canary Islands’ most well-known establishments, it is famed for its fine international cuisine.

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If you prefer northern Spain, Oviedo is one of the best places to enjoy some of the tastiest mushroom recipes in the country. Here foodies will find many different types of mushrooms from which to choose. For example, mushrooms are richly featured on the menu at the Barceló Oviedo Cervantes. The hotel’s restaurant, La Galatea, offers a wide variety of mushroom recipes, such as creamed milk cap mushrooms with shaved Iberian ham; mushroom and smoked meat pie; rice with Iberian ‘secreto’ (pork) and shaggy mane mushrooms; chick pea stew with boletus and duck confit with shitake ragout.