Best beaches in Spain: a guide for relaxing at the beach

Best beaches in Spain: a guide for relaxing at ...

Best beaches in Spain: a guide for relaxing at the beach

A beach is what really brings vacations to mind: the ocean, the breeze, the sound of the waves, the warm sand on your feet, all of this is an invitation to relax and have fun.

If there’s one thing Spaniards can brag about it is the country’s lovely beaches, of which there are enough to suit all tastes. If what we’ve been saying has fixed the idea of spending a few days by the ocean in your mind, sign up for this list of Spain’s best beaches.




Cala Turqueta, Menorca

The intense turquoise of the sea and a pristine sandy shore are the features of one of the most popular and highly-regarded beaches of Menorca, Cala Turqueta. It is only ten minutes from Ciudadela and it has a parking service, bathrooms and a lifeguard service.

The best way to completely enjoy this cove is to arrive early in the morning, before there are many visitors, or in late afternoon, when you can also enjoy a lovely sunset.


Itzurun Beach, Basque Country

Beaches are not all the same; each one has a particular charm. If you think that you too are unique and you like to enjoy different places, maybe you should visit the Itzurun beach in the Basque Country.

What makes this beach special is that, since it is very old, erosion and the passing of time have created rocky outcroppings known as vertical strata or flysch.

Another attraction of this beach is the transparency of its waters, which are said to have curative powers and many other health benefits due to their high concentration of iodine.


Playa de Mata, Alicante

Surely you have heard people talking about Torrevieja in Alicante? This is precisely where another of the best beaches in Spain is located: Playa de Mata, the longest beach in the whole area.

The best thing about long beaches is you can spend time strolling along them, and feel the sea breeze in your face and sand on your feet. In addition, Playa de Mata has a long seaside promenade and many restaurants where you can cool off with a delicious cocktail.


Playa de Carnota, Galicia

This beach is one of the most typical of those in the north of Spain. It is certainly one of the very best in the country, especially if what you are planning is a romantic evening and enjoying a marvelous sunset.

Playa de Carnota is located in A Coruña, very close to the village’s beautiful parish church. Since access is only on foot, you can be sure that the beach will not be crowded and that you can enjoy all the facilities it offers.


Playa La Barrosa, Cádiz

In Andalusia in the south of Spain, both tourists and locals agree that one of the country’s best beaches is Playa La Barrosa in Cadiz. This paradise on earth has very fine golden sand, crystal-clear water, and it also has an ideal location next to the hotel Barceló Sancti Petri.

From the beach, aside from enjoying aday of rest next to the ocean, you can take stunning photographs of the ancient buildings of Torre Bermeja and Torre del Puerco.