Flora González: the it-girl who takes part in a new fashion film

The it-girl: Flora González

The Spanish journalist Flora González participated, alongside Bárbara Lennie and other celebrities, in the first fashion film at the Barceló Emperatriz hotel in Madrid. The Room is the travel industry’s latest creation in which Flora González unveiled her skills in front of the camera.

Flora González has participated in the fashion film titled The Room

A versatile journalist and news anchor with a fighting spirit. These are some of the words that describe Flora González, the Noticias Cuatro weather anchor who also works in the fashion section of the Non Stop People channel. Since nothing tops a person’s own definition, we have checked out her social media profiles where she describes herself as “hyperactive, televisual and a victim of an excessively-demanding alter ego.”

Flora González

If this wasn’t enough, Flora González also participates in a number of projects and specialized events as a presenter. But before any of this existed, Flora González launched her journalism career in her hometown, on Radio Andújar (Cadena SER). This was a reasonable step for anyone who had a clear vision of what they wanted to do for a living since the age of 15.

Fashion is also one of her great passions, which she probably inherited from her father who is a model and her mother who works as a dressmaker. Flora González combined the two things she loved the most and transformed her hobbies into her livelihood by writing for magazines such as Vogue, Yo Dona and GQ. Her popularity has increased exponentially since joining Telecinco, but the journalist always has kind words for the media outlet that was once her home.

Fashion is always in her heart

As a true fashionista, Flora González was one of the protagonists, along with Bárbara Lennie, Esmeralda Moya and other celebrities, of the first fashion film at the Barceló Emperatriz hotel in Madrid.

The Room is a new audiovisual format aimed at people who love travel and fashion; it has been the source of much talk due to the fact that fashion films are the latest trend. On this occasion, Marie Claire magazine and the Barceló Emperatriz hotel joined forces to create a unique, modern and innovative piece.

In response to the question of what brings together hotels and fashion, Flora González answered: “The two have a lot in common because they must continuously evolve and adapt to modern times, along with the demands of the growing number of working women. I believe that Marie Claire and Barceló have a great deal in common since they focus on urban women with a young spirit and who enjoy the finer things in life.”

Flora González had the chance to work with Marie Claire, the magazine involved in the project and that recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. The journalist and the team put together a fun story inspired by classic film comedies. Every corner of The Room is inspired by Empress Eugenia de Montijo and 19th century palace architecture with vanguard touches.

2018 is sure to bring many surprises and good news for González. One of her dreams is to have her own television program on Mediaset, although she is happy with what she has and her constant growth.