Punta Cana through the blue eyes of The Blonde Vagabond

The American blogger spent part of her vacation in the Punta Cana region of the Caribbean. Here, she enjoyed the local culture, food, beaches and sunsets of this gorgeous island that swept her off her feet.

The American blogger Jordyn Christine, creator of the The Blonde Vagabond blog, spent part of her vacation in the Punta Cana region of the Caribbean. Here, she enjoyed the local culture, food, beaches and sunsets of this gorgeous island that swept her off her feet.

The name of this innate traveler with striking blue eyes is Jordyn Christine, although she is better known as The Blond Vagabond, the pseudonym she uses to share trips, trends, fashion and style with her followers.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, she is very open about her passion for food. She also considers herself a “free spirit who loves new experiences and photography.” Born in California but a longtime resident of Minnesota, she knew from an early age the future that awaited her: exploring the world, thanks to her love of travelling.

“From stargazing the Northern Lights in Iceland, to skydiving the peaks of Dubai, to swimming with the dolphins in Zanzibar, my passion and love for travel and lifestyle editorial has gone far beyond my wildest dreams,” confesses Jordyn in her blog.

This is why she created her blog titled The Blonde Vagabond, where she openly shares firsthand all of her experiences and stories with followers. “This platform has allowed me to work closely with some of the biggest brands in the world,” she points out.

This is more than evident when watching her enjoy one of her recent trips to the Caribbean, where she made the most of her time in the Dominican paradise of Punta Cana.

She admits her love of the Caribbean Sea and that the Dominican Republic leaves everyone speechless. As a true photography enthusiast, she shares with us her secrets for enjoying the best vacation imaginable and immortalizing it like a pro.

The perfect hotel for an unforgettable vacation

The Blonde Vagabond decided to spend her vacation at the Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort, where she enjoyed an array of unique experiences to make the most of her days of relaxation and rest.

For example, she decided to challenge the wind at this idyllic destination and let her hair down, and what could be better than starting off with an unforgettable sailboat ride through the crystal-clear waters of Punta Cana's famous Bávaro Beach?

“When your biggest Monday worry is which Hobbie Cat to take out,” she posted in her Instagram account.  Jordyn is certain about one thing: vacations are for getting away, experiencing unforgettable moments, and above all, bringing out your most adventurous side.

The Blonde Vagabond lived out her time in Punta Cana according to this belief. Her smile was always present with every new experience, but she was also aware of everything the island had to offer for relaxing and unwinding.

To do so, she took advantage of the hotel’s facilities and the opportunities the surroundings had to offer. She basked in the pools and enjoyed sunset walks along the beach, the shops and the spa. As anyone would expect with facilities like these, she made sure to spend a fantastic day at the spa that would make most of us green with envy.

Between the sound of the sea and a relaxing pool filled with petals, The Blonde Vagabond let her mind go blank for a few hours. In her social media profiles, she confesses that she is “mildly addicted to plush robes, full-body massages and feeling like a princess.”

As a result, she didn’t hesitate to sign up for a full-body massage to help her unwind after enjoying an antioxidant tea at the hotel spa. “This was probably one of the best moments of my trip because I was able to relax and think about nothing other than enjoying the moment,” she explained.  The blogger has also made a video of her experience:In addition, The Blonde Vagabond made the most of the Dominican Republic thanks to the best services and comforts: “The room was like an oasis; having the choice to start off the day with a bubble bath while I ate breakfast was a true luxury.”

Since she loves to dance and have a good time, she made sure to enjoy dinners on the beach and then hit the dancefloor at the hotel’s nightclub with her friends.

“The perfect setting for a get-away-from-it all, relaxing vacation is to have everything within reach,” she explained.  The blogger signed up for excursions that were only a few steps from her room to the boat provided by the hotel on the beach. One of these excursions was to one of the most beautiful spots in Punta Cana: Hoyo Azul.Hoyo Azul is a natural and isolated cenote where visitors can dive into the transparent water and gaze at the amazing views. In addition to the underwater world, Jordyn also enjoyed a hike through the completely natural trails, with stops to take in the orchid, cactus and bromeliad plant species.