The most chic, different weddings in Spain

Weddings are in style. There are more and more weddings, and it is a business that aside from involving large amounts of money also brings up lots of partnerships.

Weddings are in style. There are more and more weddings, and it is a business that aside from involving large amounts of money also creates lots of partnerships. From the world of hair styling and hair adornments to the world of gown rental, to the figure of the Wedding Planner who takes care of every detail so that the ceremony will go smoothly.


Ecological weddings are a trend, and not just another fad: they create a fusion of the taste for these ceremonies and a complete respect for the ecosystem, about which there is increasing awareness. For this purpose, La Bobadilla, a Royal Hideaway Hotel is the perfect place due to its eco-friendly guidelines.

The benchmark team of Wedding Planners in Spain, specializing in organizing ceremonies that combine respect for the environment with an eye for everything down to the last detail, takes on the creation of a unique ceremony for each couple so as to celebrate a unique wedding. Thus, each wedding is a universe tailored to reflect the personality of the bride and groom. What are you wishing for? What do you imagine for your special day? Hand-written envelopes, theme waiters, bars of sweets, masseurs at the service of the guests, a helicopter trip for the bride and groom... the options are limitless!

The Eco value of the hotel is in the energy savings of all its processes: 350 hectares in the heart of Granada's Sierra de Loja, the perfect setting for a vision of white amid the green of the olive fields, a sustainable oasis thanks to its biomass plant, which generates clean energy using olive pits from its olive trees. This is not the only savings that La Bobadilla hotel offers, since it features its own Mudejar-style chapel with an impressive 1595-pipe organ. This means that the ceremony and the celebration can take place in the same location, thereby eliminating the need to use transport and hence CO2 emissions.

So, by combining the expertise of both parties, we achieve our main goal: crossing the threshold of the mere 'organizer' in order to become advisors and accomplices in the process leading up to the day that is the most important one in the lives of people who choose to marry.

If you are already imagining it and you want to know more, we will give you a sneak preview of a wedding with art, the wedding of Paula and Israel, published in the Blog The Wedding of the Year, by Sara Rivera. The bride chose a lace dress by Hannibal Laguna and shoes by Jimmy Choo, a combination that was a sure winner.