The day that Want Get Repeat blew out birthday candles in Barcelona

The German fashion influencer Jecky, author of the blog Want Get Repeat, spent part of her holidays in one of her favourite Spanish cities: Barcelona.

The German fashion influencer Jecky, author of the blog Want Get Repeat, spent part of her holidays in one of her favourite Spanish cities: Barcelona. There, she enjoyed the culture, the charm of the streets and the city's sunsets that took her breath away.

: “It has been an unforgettable birthday”

Her blog is her cover letter, although she admits that it took her exactly two years to write a brief introduction about herself. Jecky, who has been the author of the blog Want Get Repeat alongside her partner Nick for the past three years, prefers to talk about fashion, which is more than a hobby or her profession, but rather her passion.In between posts about trends, this German blogger travelled to Spain, where she set up camp in Barcelona. There, in addition to falling head over heels (again, since this is the eighth time) for the City of Counts, she blew out her candles; it was her birthday and she never celebrates it in the same city twice. She stayed at the Barceló Raval hotel, located in one of the neighbourhoods with the most personality.[instagram url= rel="nofollow"]“If I had to pick my favourite thing about Barcelona, I would say that it is the combination of being a large city filled with possibilities, hidden corners that are perfect for photos, good food and a beach. And let’s be honest, this isn’t always the case in Europe”, the blogger points out in Want Get Repeat.To celebrate another year, Jecky decided to take a stroll through the city, explore every corner of the historic district and dine at the Italian restaurant Cecconi’s after visiting the port and Barceloneta Beach. But the party didn’t end here because on the morning of her birthday, a sweet surprise awaited in the hotel room: balloons, gifts and a birthday cake!

Another reason why Jecky loves Barcelona is the Barceló Raval hotel, whose charm goes beyond having one of the best terraces with views of the entire city. “The best thing is that the bar has 360° views, which means that you can watch the sunrise and sunset, and also take advantage of the perfect light for photos, any time of the day”, explains Jecky.No sooner said than done, as a true photography enthusiast, she wasted no time in taking out her camera to commemorate the moment.[instagram url= rel="nofollow"]Capturing images and discovering new flavours are two of the things that Jecky most enjoys, but her number one activity was pending: shopping along the most emblematic streets of the City of Counts so she could share the trends in her blog afterwards. “It would have been unlike me to simply walk past the Inditex shops and not take advantage of the lower prices at Zara, Bershka and more”, she confesses in Want Get Repeat.[instagram url= rel="nofollow"]“I loved celebrating my birthday in Barcelona. This has definitely been an unforgettable milestone because everything was extremely special. I believe that everyone should visit this city and make their own memories in it”. That covers just about everything! Jecky.