The best spots for your water sports holidays in Spain

Where to go for the best water sports holidays in Spain for windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, diving and more. The best water activities in Spain.

Spain is famous for its sun, its sand, and its sea. But if you’re a water sports enthusiast, you’re probably only really interested in the latter, although I doubt you’d object to a beautiful beach to relax on afterwards, or the sun shining on you whilst you’re in the water. If water sports holidays in Spain sound right up your street, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, read on to find out all about the best water sports destinations in Spain, from north to south.

The best scuba diving in Spain

If scuba diving breaks are your thing, then Spain has got plenty to offer you. There are options for everyone, no matter whether you’ve never strapped on a tank before, or if you’re a fully qualified diver.

When it comes to Spain scuba diving holidays, the country has a huge variety on offer. In the Atlantic waters surrounding the Canary Islands, you can spot turtles. The slightly warmer seas surrounding the Mediterranean Balearic Islands might be best for beginners.

But there’s also great diving up near Barcelona, down in the natural park of Cabo de Gata, and even off the north coast of the country. As far as the best diving is concerned, the Spanish coast is your oyster. So get ready for your well-deserved water sports holidays in Spain!

The best surfing in Spain

We’ve already written an in-depth article on the best beginner surf spots telling you all about where to surf in Spain if you’re just getting started, but many of the places we mentioned are perfect for surfers of all levels. But it’s Galicia that the majority of surf-lovers flock to during the summer months to enjoy some surfing in Spain.The temperatures here in the northwest are cooler than on the south coast, the coastline is stunningly beautiful, and there’s no shortage of surf camps to rock up at.

The best water activities in Spain: where to go kitesurfing

One of the most popular water sports in Spain at the moment is kitesurfing. This is an extreme sport that’s not for the fainthearted and requires a good level of fitness and strength.

But if you’ve been wanting to give kitesurfing a go, then the capital of this water sport is, undoubtedly, the small town of Tarifa, down in Andalusia.

There are plenty of kitesurfing schools down there that cater to everyone from completely beginners to those wanting to hone their technique during their water sports holidays in Spain.

Water sports holidays in Spain: where to go windsurfing

As you might have imagined, windsurfing requires a lot of the same conditions as kitesurfing does. So, you’ll find that Tarifa is also considered one of the best windsurfing spots in Europe.

But other than Tarifa, expert windsurfers will love the winds that get up in the Canary Islands. Families or those just learning to windsurf will prefer the gentle conditions on the Costa Brava, or further south on the Costa Cálida, in Murcia.

Where to go for kayak holidays in Spain

The wonderful thing about kayaking is that it’s a wonderful way to explore pretty much everywhere, be it the coast, a river, or a lake. It gives you a completely different perspective on your surroundings and means you can discover spots that you never would have otherwise.

The Balearic Islands are particularly fabulous destinations to explore from a kayak, as the Mediterranean is normally fairly calm, and there are countless secret, hidden coves that you can only spot from the water. Book your water sports holidays in Spain, rent a kayak, pop your possessions in a waterproof bag and head off for a day of exploring, preferably featuring a picnic on a secluded beach.

Adventure activities in Spain: where to go rafting

Water sports aren’t just confined to the sea. There are all kinds of water-based activities you can do in Spain that are fantastic ways to discover Spain’s rivers and lakes.

Adrenaline-junkies who prefer mountainous, inland landscapes should strap themselves in for the ride of their lives, with white water rafting on Spain’s rivers.

The Pyrenees is probably the very best place you can go for white water rafting, with beautiful rivers of all different levels of difficulty, depending on whether you’re a total beginner or a pro with a paddle. These mountains are also heaven for anyone who loves hiking or climbing, so make for the perfect destination for adventure holidays.

Outdoor adventures in Spain, inland: canyoning

Whilst we’re on the subject of river-based water sports holidays in Spain, any fans of fresh water and mountain landscapes should try their hand at canyoning. Canyoning, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a way of exploring dramatic river gorges that involves climbing, abseiling, jumping and swimming. You do it in a wetsuit and helmet and are in the hands of an experienced guide.

There are amazing spots to do this all over Spain, including the Pyrenees, the area near Valencia and even in mountainous regions in Andalusia.

So, whether you’re looking to indulge your love of your favourite water sport or want to try something brand new, book yourself your dream water sports holidays in Spain.