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Allegro Agadir


2076 reviews

Privileged location near Agadir beach
Large outdoor area
Ideal for families with children in Agadir

Barceló Tanger


477 reviews

Excellent location in front of the beach and close to the port
Grand outdoor pool
Excellent international restaurants

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Morocco is so much more than a country of medinas, the thousand kasbahs and spectacular mosques. This North African country never ceases to amaze its visitors with coastal landscapes, big deserts and mountain areas, as well as peaceful villages and bustling cities where tradition and culture remain intact.

To truly discover Morocco you have to lose yourself in its souqs. Surrounded by the exotic aroma of spices, enjoy the diversity on offer and delight in the food with its unique flavours, the colour of its markets, the rhythm of its people and the mystery of its legends.

Destinations in Morocco

Top things to visit in Morocco

A stay in one of our hotels in Morocco is the perfect way to really get to know the country’s most exotic destinations: Chefchauen, with its narrow blue streets that bathe everything in colour; Marrakesh, with its adobe walls and the minaret of the Koutubia mosque; Tetuan, a crossroads of cultures with one of the best medinas in Morocco; the captivating Meknes, a city that transports you to the past, with a medina declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site; or Rabat, its modern and cultural capital.

If you prefer the coast, you’ll enjoy Essaouira, known as “the bride of the Atlantic” for its winds and façades; Agadir, one of the pearls of the country, with a pleasant climate throughout the year; or beautiful beaches like the Plage du Dragon in Dakhla, the Plage Blanche in Guelmim and the Plage Laghzira in Mirleft.

To visit the Sahara Desert, you should to travel to the region of Ouarzazate, Zagora and Tinghir.

Medinas in Morocco

The heart of the city and the country, and one of its most archetypal hallmarks: The medina guards the oldest part of the city and hides a maze of alleyways that make any stroll a unique experience.

Exploring these streets is the best excuse to discover real treasures and submerge yourself in Morocco at its most authentic. The medinas of Rabat, Fez, Tetuan, Essaouira and Marrakesh are the most outstanding.