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Menorca is the ideal destination for travellers looking for something more than just a relaxing island. This Mediterranean island offers an endless array of unforgettable landscapes, and is well known for its beautiful beaches, excellent gastronomy, countless towers and its festivals, especially San Juan. Of course, those looking for hotels in Menorca can’t overlook the outdoor activities available, above all the water-based ones! You can enjoy snorkelling, diving, flyboarding and paragliding, among others.

The island’s history is also remarkable, due to its strategic importance. It was at the crossroads of many historical kingdoms and groups, including the feared pirates, for several hundred years. The Military Museum on the island harbours numerous remnants of Menorca’s defensive and military past. This can also be seen in its numerous towers, like the Saura or Binifadet towers, which were mainly constructed in the Medieval era to defend against enemies.

Holidays with children in Menorca

Holidays with children on the island are also excellent, as there is endless terrain and countless activities at the hotels for families in Menorca. There are large swimming pools and entertainment activities to keep the youngest members of the family amused. And we can’t talk about the island without mentioning the coves, which are perfect for unwinding, and—the main attraction—the heavenly beaches! That’s also why it’s the perfect place for a romantic couple’s holiday. Finally, in addition to its impressive towers and fortresses, such as the castle of San Felipe, there is a curious building structure called Lazareto de Mahón, which served as a quarantine site during the epidemics of the Middle Ages.

Hotels in Menorca: all the amenities at the best price

To spend an unforgettable holiday in Menorca, there is nothing like booking a hotel that guarantees the best combination: luxury and comfort at your fingertips. The hotels of the Barceló Hotel Group in Menorca offer everything you need to enjoy a complete holiday experience, and offer you the best value for money. The accommodations have free Wi-Fi, parking, laundry service, currency exchange, safe, and even car and bicycle hire service. The rooms are also soundproofed, so that nothing interrupts your rest. In the restaurants of the Barceló Hotel Group, you can also sample the best Menorcan cuisine, including the lobster stew and the famous Mahon cheese.

Without a doubt, this Balearic island is the ideal destination for a fun stay. And for those looking for peace and quiet and to get away from the hustle and bustle, there are always the romantic hotels for couples in Menorca.

Things to see and do in Menorca