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Barceló Hydra Beach Resort
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With direct access to 3 beaches in Thermisia
Wellness and Spa Centre
Rooms and bungalows overlooking the Aegean Sea

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In ancient times, Greece was known as the birth place of Western civilisation. Today, this Mediterranean country is famous for its impressive archaeological sites (the Parthenon being its national symbol), idyllic islands with unspoilt beaches, Mediterranean culture and beautiful landscapes like the one home to the Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Thermisia.

The Greek character of the Peloponnese Peninsula

The Peloponnese Peninsula is one of the most coveted destinations for those looking to discover the real Greece, far from the busy tourist resorts. Nafplio is a town with an immense fortress that slowly built up around the bay and where the Mediterranean temperament is almost palpable. Speaking of bays, one of the most beautiful in the area is Navarino, a paradise for scuba divers with shipwrecks including three Ottoman boats from the Greek War of Independence.

Apart from these landscapes, the Peloponnese is also home to the Great Theatre of Epidaurus. Take a seat and test out the spine-tingling acoustics for yourself: you’ll even be able to hear the actors whispering on the stage from the highest part of the theatre.

The island of Hydra, a hidden paradise

Thermisia, a small town where you can stay at Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Thermisia, is less than one hour from the theatre and a complete delight thanks to its extraordinary views. You can spot the uniquely beautiful island of Hydra, with an area of 50 square kilometres, from the port. The main city surrounds the port and is full of houses of different heights. One of the main features of the island is that it’s fully pedestrianised. The island can be reached by boat, which is the best way to enjoy the slow approach to the bay. This is the home of real Greek character.

Discover the hotels in Thermisia, part of the Barceló Hotel Group, and enjoy an authentic Greek island surrounded by nature.

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