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Shopping in Prague: something for everyone

When you visit Prague you will almost certainly be tempted to buy a souvenir of your trip and the city streets are filled with shops of every kind: some are small, modest or old, while others are modern and luxurious, selling exclusive clothing brands and works of art, etc. The variety of typical products is overwhelming, which is why it’s important to know what to buy in Prague. And it’s even more important to know which markets, areas and shopping centres not to miss during your holiday.

The number one shopping district

Most shops are concentrated in the three main streets in the centre of the Old Town: Na Příkopě, Národní třída and Pařížská. The main shops and shopping centres sit along Na Příkopě street, which connects Wenceslas Square to Republic Square. One of the most famous glassware shops in the entire Czech Republic, Moser, is found in this shopping street; the family apartment used to be located here and even if you don’t plan to buy anything, it is well worth visiting the shop. Nearby there are smaller shops, bookshops and specialist stores where you can buy handcrafted souvenirs.

Lively Na Příkopě runs through the heart of the city until it joins Národní třída street on the border between the Old Town and the New Town—a historic avenue that is also famous for the number of shops and restaurants that line each pavement.



Pařížská street, also known as Paris street, passes through the Jewish Quarter and runs through the Old Town for almost half a kilometre. It is renowned for being the most luxurious avenue in the city, with elegant buildings and the most exclusive stores in the world. This is where you head if you’re looking for haute-couture brands such as Dior and Armani and the world’s leading jewellers and perfumery stores.

Ajetreada calle comercial de Praga

Prague shopping street

Which markets to visit in Prague

There are several markets around the city centre where you can buy organic products, handicrafts, wine and beer; you might even get to enjoy a live concert. During Christmas and Easter, these markets are a huge draw for tourists and locals alike. They fill the most emblematic spaces in Prague, such as Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square and Náměstí Míru Square, and they sell delicious warm wine, Christmas sweets and craftworks.

Mercado navideño en Praga

Christmas market in Prague

  • River Town Market: One of the most popular markets in the city where you can buy food, clothes, shoes and even furniture. It’s located in Bubenské nábřezi, next to the Vltava river, and is also known as Holešovice market. In the past, the neighbourhood where this market is located was inhabited by a Vietnamese community so, unsurprisingly, there is a Vietnamese area that specialises in antiques, where haggling is the order of the day.
  • Havelská market: The central and oldest market in Prague. It’s located in Havelská and specialises in hand-made puppets but you’ll also find fruit, vegetables and all kinds of handicrafts here.
  • Flea market: Also known as Bleší trhy, this market is Prague’s version of the typical street market. All kinds of new and second-hand items are for sale and prices are genuinely affordable. It’s worth wandering among the stands and haggling with the locals.
Títeres, uno de los souvenirs más demandados


Impressive shopping centres in Prague

Prague isn’t all narrow streets, quaint shops and markets, it’s also home to enormous shopping centres with modern architecture right in the centre of the city. The most famous is the Palladium shopping centre, located in an old barracks that today is home to over 180 shops spread across five floors. Another of the most fashionable malls in the city is Novy Smichov, an oasis for shopping-lovers with over 150 stores, restaurants and supermarkets. The Slovanský Dum shopping centre is also renowned for all of the above with the addition of popular beauty salons and a huge multi-screen cinema.

Arkady Pankrac is a little further out from the centre and is one of the newest giant malls in the city. It has a fountain inside and hundreds of international clothing brands. Lucerna passage is rather more original—an art deco shopping gallery with a strange statue of St Wenceslaus riding an upside down horse.

The Myslbek gallery stands out for its glass façade and circular interior. It connects the Old Town to the New Town and is filled with some of the best-loved clothing stores in the world. And if you’re looking for something in particular, you’re sure to find it in Chodov shopping centre which has the widest and most varied range in the city.

If you love branded clothes but they are beyond your budget, we recommend heading to the outskirts of the city and paying a visit to Fashion Arena Prague, the most popular fashion outlet in the Czech capital.


Information of interest

  • Opening times: Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Almost all shops close on the weekend, except for shopping centres and tourist shops.
  • Christmas markets: From the end of November to the beginning of January.

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