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Today, October 27


Regardless of whether your trip will be a weekend getaway or stretch out over several days, you probably have questions about what to see and the prices of tourist attractions.


The essentials The secrets of Valencia
The renovated Port of Valencia
Places of Interest

The renovated Port of Valencia

A stroll through the Port of Valencia, with its eclectic mix of classical and avant-garde buildings, proves that the city has not turned its back on the sea.

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Make the most of your trip

What to see in Valencia in one day

Valencia hovers between the traditional and the avant-garde, between buzzing activity and calm. This city has two sides, which visitors find spellbinding from the moment they arrive here.

What to see in Valencia in 2 days

With thoughtful planning, two days in Valencia are sufficient to discover its historic heritage, the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, and the city’s cuisine.

What to see in Valencia in 3 days

Three days are sufficient to see Valencia’s significant monuments and cultural heritage, seasoned with a touch of avant-garde architecture and the delicious flavours of the Mediterranean.

Neighbourhood and districts

Valencia has a total of 8 neighbourhoods