Adults-only holidays: how to plan the perfect no-kids holiday

After the summer holidays, you'll be in need of some child-free time. Reasons to take adults-only holidays, and ideas for the best adults-only hotels.

Adults-only holidays: how to plan the perfect no-kids holiday

You absolutely adore your kids. But, let’s be honest, the summer holidays are rather long. You revel in the quality time you get to spend with them, but it’s also a lot to juggle, and there are always a million things to do. You don’t get much downtime. Even family holidays, bursting with wonderful memories, are pretty full-on. So, when it comes to September, it’s the perfect moment to think about recharging your batteries and spending some quality time with your partner, booking the adults-only holidays of your dreams.

Do you still need a bit of convincing that you deserve a couples’ getaway? Read on for a bit of motivation that will help alleviate the guilt that might tend to set in when you decide to leave the kids behind.

Then, we share a few tips for planning your couples’ holiday, from what to do to where to stay.

Mix yourself a cocktail, put your feet up, and get ready for the ultimate, guilt-free, child-free break.

A romantic getaway is so important to allow the two of you to reconnect

Reasons you deserve an adults-only holiday

Self-care is a buzz word these days, and it can sometimes seem a bit frivolous. But it’s all based in truths that can’t be ignored. As a parent, you give and you give and you give, especially when school’s out and you have them around full time.

But, if you keep giving, and never take a moment to relax and rejuvenate, eventually you’re going to run out of steam.

You need to take some time to recharge your batteries so that you can keep being the very best parent you can be. You need to put yourselves first, just occasionally.

And, your relationship can only benefit from the two of you being able to spend some time alone together on a romantic getaway, without your little people around.

A romantic trip for two gives you a chance to properly talk. To talk about your hopes and dreams and worries, and not just about what time the oldest has to be at that birthday party, or about whether you’ve paid the water bill, like you did in the old days.

A getaway for two can be the perfect chance to truly relax and unwind

Leaving the kids behind for just a few short days can make it feel like you’re doing something daring and inject a bit of spice back into your relationship.

Giving your relationship a chance to thrive will, in turn, probably make the two of you happier, and mean you’re better able to provide your kids with the loving environment they so need.

If you haven’t spent much time away from your kids then it may well be a bit of a wrench to begin with, but they’ll be more than happy with their grandparents, or whoever volunteers to look after them, and you’ll all be delighted to see each other when you get back home.

Ready to treat yourself to a couples’ retreat holiday? Here’s everything you need to know about planning the ultimate adults-only holidays.

Tips for planning romantic holidays for couples

If you’ve never been on any adults-only holidays before, then there are a few things that you should know that will help you plan the best getaway breaks for couples.

Make your first getaway for two a short one

If this is the first time you’ve spent time away from your child or children, don’t book a week away straight off. It’s better to ease everyone involved into it, and make sure you all feel comfortable.

You could start with an overnight trip, then make the next one a weekend break, until you find that both you and your kids are totally happy with you going off for a week-long trip.

You decide when the time is right for your first adults-only holidays

There’s no rule about when is too soon to leave your children behind to go on holiday, but there’s also no pressure to do it before you feel ready. But, starting fairly early might mean your kids see it as totally normal, and not a big deal.

Book yourself into adults-only hotels for the ultimate child-free experience

Make it a child-free zone: book into adults-only hotels

There’s very little point in going away on the child-free holiday of your dreams only be surrounded by every else’s children all day long.

Adults-only resorts are the perfect place to spend a few days away from your little ones, as they’re generally totally peaceful and built with ultimate relaxation in mind, meaning you can focus on one another.

Plus, adults-only holidays with no kids in tow to pay for generally mean you’ve got quite a lot more money in the holiday budget, so you can treat yourself to stays in luxury adult-only hotels without breaking the bank.

Plan your adult-only getaways well in advance

There was a time when you could be spontaneous, and there will come a time when you can be again, but right now, the further in advance that you can plan things, the better.

It means you can casually start to mention the idea that you’re going on an adventure a long time in advance, so your kids start to come around to the idea.

Knowing all your plans are solid will also make you feel more relaxed about the whole thing, ready to chill out on your adults-only holidays.