On the water adventures in Cancun

Get out on Cancun's sparkling waters during your stay at Occidental Costa Cancun or Occidental Tucancún, including snorkeling and scuba diving.

Get out on Cancun's sparkling waters during your all inclusive stay at Occidental Costa Cancún or Occidental Tucancún. There are endless opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, paddleboarding and much more. Discover some of the best on-the-water adventures in Cancun.

Swim with whale sharks

This is an adventure you’ll never forget. From June through mid-September, the largest gathering of whale sharks on the planet takes place off the coast of Cancun. You can have a close encounter with amazing whale sharks – swimming alongside the biggest fishes on the planet. And before you ask, these creatures are docile, friendly and only eat microscopic organisms such as fish eggs, krill and plankton. Outfitters will help you have a respectful interaction with these gentle giants.

  • Cancun Travel Tip: The Whale Shark Festival celebrates whale sharks every summer. Over the course of several days, you’ll have the chance to swim (in a respectful way) with whale sharks, join in traditional dancing, enjoy local food and work by local artisans and snorkel and dive incredible reefs.

Discover Nichupté Lagoon

A natural wonder in the heart of Cancun! If you’re staying at Occidental Tucancún, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of Nichupté Lagoon, a nature reserve with almost 75,000 acres. But it’s also a place worth visiting. Explore this pristine spot on a jungle tour, during which you will travel to lush mangroves and turquoise waters for a snorkeling adventure like no other. The water here is crystal clear, making it easy to see all kinds of marine life, from sea turtles to tropical fish. Nichupté Lagoon is also a popular spot for fishing, with chances to land snook, snapper, sea trout, tarpon and many more.

  • Cancun Travel Tip: After your active aquatic adventures, pay a visit to Occidental Tucancún’s health and well-being center, which offers guests a great variety of rejuvenating treatments, including a seaweed exfoliating wrap, hot stone massage and a hydrating treatment with lily for sensitive or burned skin.

Explore a tropical paradise

Located on the legendary Isla Mujeres, one of Cancun's safest areasGarrafon Park is just a 25-minute boat ride from Cancun. But its pristine beauty feels a world away from everywhere. It’s the kind of place that encourages exploration – especially when it comes to aquatic adventures. Snorkel in crystal clear waters. You don’t even need to be a strong swimmer; you’ll get a life jacket that will help you float along the surface, looking down upon an amazing underwater landscape with an incredible array of dazzling marine life and colorful reef formations. For a romantic on-the-water experience, take a two-person kayak out to hidden coves and gorgeous white-sand beaches. It’s the ultimate Cancun escape. For a thrill, try ziplining. You’ll fly high above the water at high speeds.

  • Cancun Travel Tip: Take a catamaran journey to Isla Mujeres. You’ll enjoy an open bar, live music and spectacular Caribbean Sea views. On the way out, there will also be opportunities to stop and snorkel in the beautiful waters. Then, you’ll dock at the island, take part in a buffet lunch and have plenty of time to discover this amazing destination.

Visit an art museum beneath the waves

An underwater art museum? You better believe it. In 2009, a massive underwater contemporary museum of art called MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) was created in the waters surrounding Cancún, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc. Beneath the waves, you’ll find comprised of more than 500 evocative, life-size sculptures, most created by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor, as well as several works from local Cancún sculptors. Submerged between 10 and 20 feet deep, this incredible attraction is a must-visit for art-lovers and their families.

  • Cancun Travel Tip: You can experience MUSA in several ways. Don’t want to get wet? Then climb aboard a glass-bottomed boat. You’ll stay completely dry while getting a great view of the museum’s incredible sculptures. Or try snorkeling. The MUSA sculptures are easily visible from the surface of the water. To get even closer, go on an underwater art adventure like no other: scuba diving. You’ll swim amidst MUSA’s sculptures and all kinds of colorful aquatic life, discovering an otherworldly underwater landscape. An unforgettable adventure, to say the least!

Lobster at Lorenzillo’s

All of your time on the water in Cancun may start to make you hungry for seafood! And in Cancun, lobster is a must. One of the best restaurants to enjoy this seafood delicacy is Lobster at Lorenzillo’s. Located on the famed Boulevard Kukulkán, it’s become a longtime favorite among locals and visitors, thanks to its fresh-caught lobster (brought in daily from Baja and Isla Mujeres). They’ll serve it any way you like it: steamed, grilled, broiled and beyond. Don’t miss the delicious La Brujula, a jumbo lobster taco served with rice, seasoned with pinto beans, guacamole and spicy serrano chili peppers. Yum!