Best Beaches in Tenerife: How many have you visited?

The best beaches in Tenerife are dotted around the island's coast from south to north. Discover black sand coastlines and golden hidden tenerife beaches.

The Canary Islands are famous for their fabulous beaches. But, did you know they are home to 64 blue flag beaches? This prestigious title is awarded to beaches by the Foundation for Environmental Education. To be a blue flag beach is a status symbol. It shows the world that the beach complies with a strict set of environmental, safety and quality rules. Not all beaches are blue flag beaches. However, Tenerife is home to the largest number of blue flag beaches in the Canary Islands. These 16 beaches are spread across Tenerife’s volcanic terrain. Because of this, you can expect to find a mix of golden and black sand beaches. Read on to discover the best beaches in Tenerife and start planning your next beach break in the sun.

When to visit the best beaches in Tenerife?

The Canary Islands are not called the ‘Fortunate’ islands for no reason. The varying microclimates create an all-year-round springtime climate. This means that every day is a beach day. Or, nearly! However, Tenerife beach holidays are best enjoyed in the summer months when temperatures are at their highest. Despite this, Tenerife is still a popular winter sun destination. If you plan to visit Tenerife in the winter, be sure to stay on the southern coast where temperatures are hotter. The north is best enjoyed late summer, once the school holidays are over.

Discover the best beaches - South Tenerife

The south of the island is ideal for families. The shallow waters and yellow sandy beaches offer a textbook perfect example of island life. These beaches are easily accessible and are often situated in front of Tenerife’s luxury hotels. Kick back and relax while you soak up the sun. Cool off in the revitalising topaz waters and let the restorative power of the ocean leave you feeling renewed. Discover the top three Tenerife south beaches and float away on a sun cream scented daydream.

La Enramada - One of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife

This blue flag beach is a firm favourite amongst the locals in Adeje. It is a far cry from the overcrowded resorts that have been marred by the effects of tourism. La Enramada is a natural paradise created by the gentle erosion of volcanic rocks. The result? A secluded cove that is sheltered from the winds and small enough to ever get too crowded. At certain times of the year join bodyboarders in their quest for the perfect waves. Or simply, enjoy the calm of the gentle ebb and flow of the waves close to shore. What makes this beach stand out is its proximity to one of Tenerife’s top hotels, the Royal Hideaway Coral Suites Tenerife. Since the beach doesn’t offer dining facilities, visitors can enjoy a top gastro experience at the hotel led by the island’s top chefs. La Enramada also scores points for being close to:

  • Siam Water Park
  • Costa Adeje
  • Costa Adeje Golf, a 27 Hole Golf Course

El Duque Beach Tenerife

This premium beach offers everything a beach lover can dream of. Feel the heat of the ivory-coloured sand as you walk towards the gentle turquoise waters. This picturesque setting feels like paradise and it is easy to understand why it is one of the best beaches in Tenerife. Playa El Duque is a blue flag beach for all the family to enjoy. Take a gentle stroll along the promenade to discover the independent boutiques, world food restaurants and eight other beaches. While enjoying the beach, be sure to reserve a sunbed and parasol for maximum comfort. The sunsets on this beach are daydream worthy so be sure to stay for a sundowner to enjoy this amazing natural display. Duque beach Tenerife is also close by to:

  • Luxury Shopping Centres
  • Aqualand
  • Tenerife South Airport

Las Vistas Beach Tenerife

Another blue flag beach on Tenerife’s southern coast. And, this time it is one of the 12 beaches on the island that offers disabled access. But, this beach is a mix of contrasts. Not only does this golden stretch of sand provide all the trimmings for a relaxing day at the beach. It also attracts a crowd of watersports enthusiasts, eager to catch their next thrill. That being said, the waters here are calm. Playa de la Vistas Tenerife is protected all year round by breakwaters and is ideal for children. Visitors can also access volleyball nets, parasol rental and a tourist information office. It is high on the list of the best beaches in Tenerife thanks to its beauty and charm. And, did you know? This beach has an artificial island complete with a water fountain. Admire the seawater display as you sunbathe. This beach is close to:

  • Playa de Los Cristianos
  • The ferry port of Los Cristianos
  • The neighbouring blue flag beach, El Camisón

Best Tenerife beaches in the north of the island

The blue flag beaches are not just located in the south. Venture to the north of the island to enjoy a different perspective on the best beaches in Tenerife. The island’s northern coast may appear rugged at first glance, but don’t let that put you off. There are many hidden coves to explore in addition to the chic inner-city beaches. Experience the magic of the exotic Tenerife black sand and enjoy a unique island beach experience.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Beach

The island’s capital, Santa Cruz is home to the beach you see in the holiday brochures. Las Teresitas beach Tenerife is a white sand beach located just a stone’s throw from the city. This beach is a must visit if you are visiting Santa Cruz and it is one of the best beaches in Tenerife for families. This is because this beach is protected by breakwaters creating perfect swimming conditions. Paddleboarding and snorkelling are also popular on this beach. But, what makes this beach a trendy hangout is the string of kiosks that line the length of it. Freshly poured mojitos, delicious ice creams and traditional Canarian food are just some of the tempting treats on offer. However, one thing that all beachgoers must know is that the sand is imported from the Sahara. Hence, the pristine white colour. This beach is close to:

  • The Capital Santa Cruz
  • The Fishing Village of San Andrés
  • Tenerife North Airport

Playa Jardin Tenerife

Puerto de la Cruz rivals Santa Cruz with its black sand city beach. Playa Jardin is an exotic black sand beach Tenerife complex. It is one of three beaches that was designed by Canarian artist Cesár Manrique. It’s name literally translates to garden beach and it is easy to see why. Surrounding the ebony black sand is a luscious garden full of tropical plants, rocky caves and waterfalls. It is also one of the top beaches in Tenerife North for watersports and has a designated section for surfers. But, did you know? Author Agatha Christie visited these shores in 1927 to recover from a severe depression. The warmer climate and fresh sea air quickly brought her back to health and even inspired future works. Can you imagine what she would think of Puerto de la Cruz now? This beach is close to:

  • The city centre of Puerto de la Cruz
  • Loro Parque
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Hidden beaches Tenerife - Playa El Socorro

Playa El Socorro is considered to be one of the most emblematic beaches in Tenerife. Over the years, it has garnered a reputation for being one of the best beaches in Tenerife for surfers. But, its extreme sport reputation doesn’t stop there. It is also an enclave for trailrunners who travel from far and wide to participate in the 040 route. This trail leaves from El Socorro and ends at the dizzying height of 4000 meters on the peak of El Teide. While this beach is not hidden completely, it certainly is off the beaten track. Its rugged coastline gives it a wild edge but it is complete with all the amenities for a comfortable day on the beach. Just make sure to visit in the summertime for maximum sunshine. This beach is close to:

  • Puerto de la Cruz
  • El Teide
  • Local wineries such as Bodegas Monje