Adventure and water sports Tenerife

Keen to get your pulses racing and experience the most thrilling adventure and water sports in Tenerife? Check out all the exciting activities on offer.

Keen to get your pulses racing and experience some of the most thrilling water sports and adventure sports that Tenerife has to offer? With a fantastic selection of activities to endeavour, adventure lovers will be spoilt for choice on this beautiful island.

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Immerse yourself into the island’s wonderful adventures and check out a selection of the hottest water sports and adventure sports in Tenerife.

Water sports Tenerife: Surfing

Wonderful sunny beaches, a pleasant climate and warm crystal waters make Tenerife a paradise for surfers. You can surf at any time of the year in Tenerife, with the best season being during the winter months due to the wind conditions and greater waves. Located on the south of the island, right in the heart of Playa de las Américas, you will come across the most famous surfing spot in Tenerife – La Izquierda. The area offers surfing, bodyboarding and stand up paddle boarding alongside various services such as lifeguards, restaurants, showers and parking. Another popular location for surfers is Playa el Socorro in the north of the island, with waves in the winter being suitable for the more experienced surfers, and waves in the summer accommodating beginners too.

Water sports Tenerife: Diving/Scuba diving

Tenerife is a haven for diving enthusiasts with its warm waters, ranging between 18-24 °C, and incredible selection of diving sites. Many of the island’s diving sites boast a rich marine life, sunken ships and volcanic tubes, offering you an unforgettable experience of Tenerife’s underwater world. There are three main diving centres around the island; the north coast, south east coast and west coast, with the most popular sites being Las Galletas, Punta de Teno, Radazul and Las Eras, all of which lie in the south.

Water sports Tenerife: Flyboarding

Experience the coolest craze in water sports with the latest Flyboard adventure – easy to learn and fun for thrill seekers of all ages. A Flyboard rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft, usually a jet ski, supplying the power needed to propel itself above water. Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provide thrust for the rider to fly up to 15 metres (49 ft) in the air or to dive headlong through the water down to 2.5 metres. To try the latest craze, head to FlyBoard Tenerife to reserve your spot, or pop along to their base of operations in Puerto Colon, the Marina in Playa de Las Americas.

Adventure sports Tenerife: Mountain biking

There are a variety of roads and tracks covering the mountains of Tenerife, providing a paradise for mountain biking fanatics. From leafy forests and beautiful natural scenery, to dry volcanic terrain, there are plenty of obstacles and ever-changing surfaces for adventure lovers to endeavour. The Corona Forestal, which surrounds the Teide National Park and the hills around La Esperanza, are some of the best areas to cycle and offer tracks of varying degrees of difficulty. Venture into the dense green vegetation and admire the spectacular nature in the woodland surrounding the park, including the area’s native plants and animals.

Adventure sports Tenerife: Canyoning

Adrenaline junkies will be in their element when canyoning on the island, where they can abseil down waterfalls, trek through gorges and tackle cliff jumps into giant rock pools. Los Carrizales Canyon is one of the most beautiful canyons on the island, located off the beaten track in the heart of the Teno nature reserve, and surrounded by the cliffs of Los Gigantes. It boasts 10 abseil spots, various water-slides and optional jumps, with the highest possible jump being approximately 8 metres. This canyon is guaranteed to take your breath away with its spectacular landscapes, as well as get your pulses racing. Explore the various canyoning experiences on offer for all different abilities and tackle one of Tenerife’s most thrilling adventures.

Adventure sports Tenerife: Paragliding

Fancy launching off the edge of the island’s cliffs? Tenerfly offers a spectacular paragliding experience where you can fly through Tenerife’s skies, over the summits, volcanoes and the island’s coastlines, enjoying the most incredible landscapes and aerial views. The constant Trade Winds flowing over the highlands and coast slopes provide optimal flying conditions throughout the year, not to mention the mild temperatures. The expert pilots will ensure you enjoy your flight to the fullest whilst maintaining the utmost safety. Book your flight now for a once in a lifetime experience…

Adventure sports Tenerife: Quad biking

Riding a quad bike is both an exciting and adventurous way to explore the unbeatable landscapes of Tenerife. The popular western resort of Los Gigantes offers fantastic quad bike excursions, offering you the chance to trail through volcanic routes and forest tracks. Quad Gigantes is a rental service that organises incredible quad rides, such as through the famous Teide National Park and the beautiful town of Masca. Jet ski and quad biking combos are also available if you fancy a double dose of adrenaline where you can enjoy two and a half hours of forest trails followed by a jet ski adventure from the port of Las Galletas. The tour allows you to explore the island’s caves, go for a swim, and ride along the crystal shores.