Canary Islands wellness retreat: DIY your self-care island escape

Let the spectacular natural surroundings of the Canary Islands work their restorative magic and DIY your own wellness retreat

You don’t need to travel to the remote paradise of Bali to find your inner zen. Wellness retreats can be enjoyed anywhere. But if you don’t fancy forking out thousands in the name of self-care, you can DIY a personal wellness escape instead. The Canary Islands are an ideal location. The everlasting spring-like climate and the abundance of nature are food for the soul. Plus, the island is home to many coveted spa hotels, so you can be sure that a good dose of pool lounging is on the cards- a glass of wine in hand, optional. But to be able to DIY your Canary Islands wellness retreat, it is essential to understand the natural benefits the islands provide.

The best time for a Canary Islands wellness retreat

The Canary Islands are a famous winter sun destination. However, their moderate climate makes these islands a top all-year-round wellness destination to press pause and relax in bewitching natural surroundings. Self-care is all about balance so if that means soaking up sun-kissed vistas while sipping locally-distilled rum - who's to judge? The seven islands are home to numerous microclimates with the southern regions generally providing the best sunbathing conditions. Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria are regarded as the warmest of the islands yet temperatures rarely dip below 18ºC or rise higher than 28ºC. To skip the crowds, it is recommended to visit Canarias during the Autumn, avoiding the October half-term. But, for consistent heat aim for June, July or August for your Canaries spa holiday. 

The sun is a key element to your Canary Island wellness retreat

Canary Islands spa: Sun and vitamin D

When planning your Canary Islands wellness retreat, do as locals do and celebrate nature. The islands are home to endless days of sunshine, fresh salty air, pristine oceans and unique volcanic sand. Combine this and you have the recipe for a long and healthy life. With over 4,800 daylight hours a year, there is no surprise that the Canary Islands have one of the highest life expectancy rates in Spain.

With over 4,800 daylight hours a year, there is no surprise that the Canary Islands have one of the highest life expectancy rates in Spain

The sun is the first element to incorporate into your fitness retreat in the Canary Islands. Some of the many benefits include increased levels of vitamin D, a lower risk of depression and a positive effect on common skin complaints. Sunshine is also known to provide the following benefits: 

Vitamin D is essential for healthy mineralisation in the bones and teeth. It also is reported to reduce the risk of tumours.

Sunshine has been proven to have a positive effect on acne and psoriasis.

The sun boosts white blood cells which are responsible for fighting infection.

UV light works wonders in regulating cholesterol

The sun also boosts serotonin (the happy hormone) and testosterone (which boosts your sex drive). 

Health retreat Canary Islands: Salt Water

The fresh, cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean blanket the coastline of the Canary Islands and provide a refreshing break from the heat of the day. For locals, the beaches are often regarded as open-air spas. The sodium-rich water is high in medicinal minerals thanks to the volcanic rock surrounding it. Did you know? 89 of the elements present in our organism can be found in seawater. The volcanic nature of the islands also means that in some areas the water is thermally heated. But cool or hot, there is no denying that a dip in the briny blue sea is just what the doctor ordered. It helps to eliminate liquids, beat insomnia and works wonders for people suffering from dermatitis, acne, wounds and psoriasis. Take advantage of the ocean’s healing properties on your spa retreat in the Canary Islands with a Thalassotherapy treatment.

A Canary Islands wellness retreat is not complete without the healing Ocean

Canary Islands spa holidays: Wind

There is nothing quite like the feeling of blowing the cobwebs away with an exhilarating beach walk while enjoying a Canary Islands wellness retreat. Just like the sun and the salt water, the ocean breeze in the Canary Islands is equally healing

Just like the sun and the salt water, the ocean breeze in the Canary Islands is equally healing

If you are lucky to stay by the coast, the air is charged with lots of negative ions which work to detoxify our bodies and relax our nervous systems. It is debated that Fuerteventura is named after strong winds. So, if you want to embrace the benefits of the sea air, a Fuerteventura wellness retreat is a top choice. The salty air is highly beneficial for the respiratory system as well as the skin. 

Wellness retreat Canary Islands: Sand

If you have ever been to a Tenerife spa, or any spa for that matter, you will know how good an exfoliation treatment feels. Lucky for Canarian locals, Mother Nature has provided the ultimate remedy for dry skin: the beach. Cover your body in sun-baked sand and feel its warmth loosen your muscles. This natural treatment is reported to reduce the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism and neuralgia. Rub the volcanic black sand into your skin in circular motions to renew cells, boost the production of oils and clean your pores. 

Canary Islands wellness retreat: Include a trip to the Spa at Santa Catalina Royal Hideaway Hotel (Las Palmas)

Book a spa hotel Canary Islands: Discover the types of spas

Add a Canary Islands spa day to your DIY retreat agenda and take advantage of the wide range of treatments on offer. Some spas will specialise in water circuits while others will triumph in their ability to deliver unforgettable massages. When planning your Canary Islands wellness retreat it is worth brushing up on some key terminology to ensure that you pick the best self-care options.

Geotherapy: A treatment that uses different muds and clays to relieve the body of heat and draw out toxins. Popular with the ancient Romans and Greeks.

Aloetherapy: A typical Lanzarote spa treatment using aloe vera that has grown in popularity across the other islands. It is ideal for hydrating skin, especially when exposed to the sun for too long. It also has antifungal properties which help acne-prone skin.

Thalassotherapy: Celebrated by the ancient Greeks, this therapy uses seawater and marine products such as seaweed and mud. It offers a host of benefits ranging from improving blood circulation to stimulating the endocrine system (thyroid, adrenal and sexual glands).

Vinotherapy: A novel anti-ageing treatment to try on your Canary Islands wellness retreat. It combines traditional spa treatments with wine and wine products to rejuvenate and exfoliate tired skin. Carry on the treatment afterwards with a glass (or two) of Canarian wine.

Stay at the best spa hotel Canary Islands

Now that you have the low-down on how locals incorporate Nature’s gifts into their self-care routines it is time for you to build the itinerary for your Canary Islands wellness retreat. For foodies with a thirst for adventure, Tenerife is the island of choice. Take in the awe-inspiring views from Mt. Teide (Spain’s highest peak) before tasting local cuisine at a Guachinche, bathing on one of the island’s best beaches and visiting a spa hotel in Tenerife. If you define self-care as relaxing in a day spa, Gran Canaria is for you. Check into one of the island’s most exclusive spa hotels armed with a good book and only move from there for a spot of retail therapy or to enjoy Gran Canaria’s up-and-coming foodie scene. Fuerteventura and Lanzarote are both island retreats for nature lovers. Hit the beach and enjoy a spa day thanks to Mother Nature before retiring to the comfort of a top all-inclusive hotel.