Caribbean vacations: Ten places you should visit this summer

Enjoy sun-splashed days in dreamy surroundings on your Caribbean vacations as you explore the best places to visit this summer

Let’s travel to paradise! Where stunning beaches steal the spotlight and the therapeutic lull of crystal clear waters provide a gentle soundtrack to your daily activities; the Caribbean is the place to be if you want to unwind. Let everyday stresses melt away as you enjoy your summer Caribbean vacations in idyllic surroundings. But, with so many picture-postcard destinations to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one. So, to make sure the only thing you have to worry about is whether you want to sunbathe by the pool or on the beach, we have created a compilation of our top ten places to visit in the Caribbean during the summer months.

Aquatic adventures and tropical bliss - Your guide to the best Caribbean Vacations

Imagine a place where the sun is always warm, the air smells like fruit, and you sleep cradled by the sound of the waves: we are talking about the Caribbean coast. From the magical Mayan-Mexican coastline to the laid-back Latin charm of the Dominican Republic, these popular Caribbean vacation destinations each offer up a unique cocktail of Caribbean coolness to savor.

Summer weather for your Caribbean trip

Over the summer months, the best time to plan your Caribbean getaway is in June. This is due to the low chance of rain and tropical storms. Temperatures reach a relaxingly warm 80º Fahrenheit.

This is an ideal temperature to enjoy lounging in a hammock suspended between flamboyant trees or for exploring the hidden hideaways that locals want to keep for themselves

And, if the threat of hurricanes panics you, don’t fret. In June there is a very low chance of witnessing this natural phenomenon. Plus, during the summer months, there are some areas of the Caribbean which are safe from Mother Nature’s warpath. 

Visit Plata Bávaro on your Caribbean vacations

1. Beautiful Caribbean places to visit: Playa Bávaro

This is, without a doubt, one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic. Make the Caribbean vacation from your bucket list adventures a reality as you explore this mile-long coastline. It is a real-life computer screensaver made from fine white sand, turquoise water, and endless palm trees. In addition, it has been selected as one of the best beaches in the world, according to the travel web Tripadvisor. When enjoying your Caribbean vacations on Playa Bávaro, be sure to visit during the golden hour to witness how the color of the sky changes to incredible shades of pink during sunset.

2. Enjoy the suite life on your Caribbean all-inclusive holidays

When life gets tough, we all deserve a well-earned break. And, where better to enjoy an otherworldly level of tranquility than Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Take relaxation to a new level and book yourself into the adults-only Royal Hideaway Playacar luxury, all-inclusive hotel- one of the best spots for your luxury Caribbean vacations. A few days of beachfront bliss are just what the doctor ordered, especially when it involves a private concierge service and ocean-front massages by candlelight. What’s more, this hotel is a foodie paradise and guests can enjoy an immersive ‘Chef’s Table’ dining experience led by top chefs from the Yucatan peninsula.

3. Caribbean Sightseeing: Dive into the transparent waters of Isla Saona

This is probably one of the most heavenly places on earth and a mandatory stop on your Caribbean vacations. It is part of the Cotubanamá National Park (former Park of the East), and one of the biggest islands of the Dominican Republic, and it features two villages: Mano Juan and Catuano. What do we recommend? Eat fresh grilled lobster while you enjoy the unbelievable panorama of white sand and intense turquoise waters. If you are staying at Hotel Barceló Bávaro Beach, you can discover this tropical Caribbean destination with the tour of Isla Saona and Altos de Chavón.

Swim in the waters of Isla Saona on your Caribbean vacation

4. Best vacation destinations in the Caribbean: Aruba

Aruba has a unique heritage. It has been an autonomous region of the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 1636 when the Dutch acquired the land from the Spanish, who were ready to move on after a fruitless search for gold. Today, it is a textbook version of paradise with stunning paper-white beaches and gentle azure waters. It is widely considered to be the best place to travel in the Caribbean for a full dose of escapism and the beachfront resort of Palm Beach provides just that. Step seamlessly from the beach into your luxury hotel room with views of the sparkling sea before heading to the hedonistic paradise of one of the hotel’s fancy casinos.   

5. The Caribbean vacation for explorers: Be awed by the remains of a lost civilization

The Yucatan peninsula is home to some of Mexico’s most important and outstanding Mayan ruins. Hidden away in the depths of the jungle and only recently uncovered, these famous ritual and burial sites offer a glimpse into one of the world’s oldest civilizations. 

These majestic Mayan ruins are steeped in mystery and many myths and legends are circulating about the origin of these impressive structures

Chichen Itza is the best vacation spot in the Caribbean to understand more about the Mayan culture. And what’s better is that it is only a short drive away from the stunning Caribbean coastline. So, you can sightsee during the day but be back in time for sundowners on the beach at sunset.

6. Best Caribbean vacation destinations: Varadero Cuba

Imagine waking up in the morning and looking out across the rich, intense blue of the Caribbean ocean, bathed in radiant, golden sunshine. No, it is not a daydream, it is what life is like when enjoying Caribbean vacations in Varadero, Cuba. It is a place in the Caribbean that offers pure disconnection laced with adventure and fun. With over 20 kilometers of coastline to choose from, visitors to this tropical hideaway are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the most idyllic spot for sunbathing. And, when relaxing at the beach becomes monotonous, hop down to Havana and explore the rich colonial heritage of Cuba’s capital city. 

Make your Caribbean vacations special with a trip to a coffee plantation

7. Little-known Caribbean vacation spots: Plan visits to cacao and coffee fields

Wake up and smell the coffee- literally. In the Dominican Republic, coffee plantations share the luscious fertile soil with banana plantations and other mouth-wateringly delicious produce. During your Caribbean vacations, you cannot forget to take a stroll through the cacao and coffee fields, smell the intense aroma of the beans during roasting, taste their delicious flavor, and even discover some of their derivatives such as cacao oil or butter made 100% in the Dominican Republic. Dominican singer Juan-Luis Guerra sang about his wish that it would rain coffee and you will understand why when you have savored every last drop of this delicious, energy-fuelled elixir. 

8. Top Caribbean vacation spots: Take a dip in Hoyo Azul

For a tropical daydream experience, the natural lake of Hoyo Azul, located in Cap Cana, is one of the must-visit spots for your Caribbean vacations. A cenote with the bluest waters that you have ever seen, where you can not only admire its beauty from outside but once you dive into its refreshing waters, all your problems get washed away. If you enjoy spending a lazy summer afternoon sunbathing and swimming, this is one of the Caribbean places to go. Be sure to bring a snorkel as the underwater flora and fauna offers a fascinating display of color and textures to admire. 

Visit Tulum on your Caribbean vacations

9. Nicest place in the Caribbean: Tulum

Tulum was once an important Mayan seaport and evidence of this ancient culture remains in the form of Indiana Jones-style ruins that are just waiting to be explored. Today, this bustling fishing village is a honeypot for bohemian, artistic nomads wanting to escape the harsh winters in their homelands. But, don’t for a second think that because of increasing international interest in the zone that it has lost its charm. Quite the contrary. This laid-back corner of paradise remains as equally as relaxing and beautiful as it has always been. Spend the day eating tacos on the beach at one of the various local beach bars or dive into the incredible cenotes (freshwater sinkholes created by underground rivers) and marvel at the aquatic world hidden beneath the floor. Don’t forget to pack your snorkel!

10. Most popular Caribbean vacation spots for families: Punta Cana

Traveling with kids may not set the scene for the most relaxing of Caribbean vacations. Yet, we would say that this all depends on your destination. Punta Cana is designed with families in mind. After all, vacation time allows you to enjoy precious moments together which turn into treasured childhood memories. Choose a hotel that offers the youngest guests a wonderland of experiences to enjoy. From kids clubs to mini-discos and outdoor activities, there won’t be enough hours in the day for your little ones to enjoy everything on offer. Plus, take advantage that the kids are out having fun to indulge in the world-class wellness offerings available at your hotel. Mom and dad will be relaxed and happy and the kids will be on cloud nine - it's a win-win.