Discover the best routes for Cycling in Lanzarote

Cycling in Lanzarote is made easy with organized cycling holidays in Lanzarote. Get a fresh perspective on the island and view Lanzarote by bike.

There is more to Lanzarote than the lunar-like volcanic landscapes, windswept wineries and vast aloe vera fields. It may be small, but this island certainly packs a punch when it comes to things to do. The wild landscapes are the backdrop to equally wild adventure sports which can be enjoyed all year long thanks to the island’s temperate climate. If you plan to visit this Canary Island, dare to venture outside of the luxury resorts and enjoy a day out cycling in Lanzarote. With routes of all levels to enjoy, you don’t need to be a pro to travel the island on two wheels. Read on to discover the best places to ride a bike in Lanzarote.

The best time to book cycling holidays in Lanzarote

Before stretching into your lycra and reaching for your helmet, it is worth doing some research into the best times to visit Lanzarote. Due to the island’s strategic position off the coast of Africa, the summer months can feel as hot as the lava that flows from its 300 volcanic peaks. To enjoy cycling in Lanzarote to the fullest, it is best to travel during the spring when the weather is cooler and there are fewer visitors. There are also many annual sporting events for avid enthusiasts to partake in such as the world-famous IRONMAN Lanzarote race and the Lanzarote mtb stage race 2021. While a competitive race may not be exactly what you had in mind while visiting the island it is recommended to look for a bike rental in Lanzarote and take to the windy mountain roads.

Best routes for cycling in Lanzarote

The international interest in cycling in Lanzarote has caused local businesses to take action and it is now easier than ever to enjoy bike tours Lanzarote style. To be within easy reach of the best cycling destinations it is worth checking into a sports hotel Lanzarote, and some even offer their own exclusive cycling centre and wellness facilities to ensure that the best treatments and training are available on call. Lanzarote’s varied scenery provides the perfect motivation to keep pedalling. From the dusty coastal towns of the south to the pitch black lava fields inland, Lanzarote is an island of contrasts just waiting to be discovered. And, should you feel peckish on your travels, the island’s wineries often serve food with tastings of their local wine allowing you to refuel and enjoy local culture all at once.

Cycling Canary Islands - Lanzarote

For the best cycling in Lanzarote head to the south to the white sandy beaches of Tías. For bike hire Puerto del Carmen is the place to go. Located just a stone’s throw from Playa Chica Beach, this sleepy town is an idyllic place to begin your two-wheeled adventure. If you plan your trip for a Friday, be sure to check out the local market that is held in the El Varadero square every Friday morning and stock up on souvenirs. Begin your route here and towards El Golfo by following the Yaiza-La Hoya road. You will pass the Salinas del Janubio, the only operational salt flats on the island. This is well worth a visit and it will provide a welcome rest stop before continuing along the coastal path to El Golfo. This route leads you to the beginning of the Timanfaya National Park, a top hiking destination on the island.

Lanzarote bike adventures - Farmer’s Monument

No trip to Lanzarote is complete without admiring one of César Manrique’s magnificent buildings. This famous Spanish artist was a local to Lanzarote and has left behind a legacy of work from environmentally friendly buildings to surrealist sculptures. Farmer House Museum, designed by Manrique, is the start of an exciting route that takes you through the hamlet of La Florida, the volcanic zone of Tinguatón and brings you to the Mancha Blanca Interpretation Center. Here you will discover the arid landscapes of Lanzarote and have the chance to see the exhibition about the nature of Timanfaya National Park. This is one of the more gentle Lanzarote cycling routes with a distance of about 9 miles which at a steady pace will last around 40 minutes.

Lanzarote by bike - Haría

If you are a fan of the mountain bike Lanzarote is the place to visit. Although, it is not just an island of rocky outcrops, there are a few luscious places to enjoy the flora and fauna while cycling in Lanzarote. The town of Hería is one of the greenest on the island, lending itself to the name the town of ‘a thousand and one palm trees’. It is also one of the island’s most prominent winemaking districts and cyclists can travel to the Barranco de Haría to enjoy a wine tasting before heading uphill to the iconic Las Nieves Hermitage on the LZ-10 road. This is a 6-mile route but don’t let the short distance fool you into thinking it is easy, the gradient of over 1140 feet is not to be underestimated.

Cycling Lanzarote - Timanfaya

The national park of Timanfaya offers picturesque views and excellent hiking trails to enjoy. A day out in itself, it is the perfect way to connect with the three pillars of Lanzarote tourism: Culture, Nature and Sports. While cycling in Lanzarote is generally prohibited on the national park hiking trails, the lava lined main roads framed by intimidating mountains can be used to enjoy 360º views of the lunar landscape. Begin the Lanzarote cycling route in Yaiza and enjoy a gentle 6km climb towards the ‘Mountains of Fire’ a key point of interest in the national park. Or if you need to visit a bike rental Puerto del Carmen is a great starting point and a gentle 50km circular route can be undertaken. Thanks to the central location of the national park, it is the ideal place to enjoy cycling in Lanzarote regardless of where you may be staying.