Ultimate social media detox: log-off on your next holiday

Everyone needs a social media hiatus now and again, and when better than on holiday? A guide to a social media detox for the ultimate relaxing holidays.

A guide to going social media free on your next holiday

When was the last time you went a day without Facebook? Or even a morning without checking your Instagram? What about a full on social-media detox? Social media addiction has become something of an epidemic.

True, we might not like to admit it. But many of us would really struggle to live without the devices we’ve become so dependent on.

And, when we go on holiday and we’re meant to be relaxing and disconnecting, we can find ourselves spending even more time on our devices than we usually do.

In the past going on holiday would mean we were completely cut off from home if we didn’t want to pay extortionate roaming charges. We’d be queueing up to use the computers at a hotel or heading to internet cafés, but we’d realistically only get online once a day, max.

But these days with international roaming being fairly standard, we’re just as connected as we would be at home.

And we take advantage of that. We’re so desperate to let everyone know we’re having an amazing time with our story updates and posts of us striking the perfect pose. So much so, that we sometimes forget to actually switch-off and have fun, just for the sake of having fun.

The answer: taking a social media hiatus

The trend for taking breaks from the virtual world in the form of a social media detox or even going social media free is growing, as more and more people realise that their reliance on the world of social media is affecting their real-life relationships. People are starting to figure out that there’s more to life.

Developing a healthier relationship with social media can be tough. But a social media break can be a fantastic way to do it. And, what better opportunity for taking a break from social media than when you’re on a holiday. After all, it's about relaxing, unwinding, and generally checking out of the madness that is modern life.

If well and truly switching off and taking a social media detox sounds appealing, we’ve put together a few tips for making sure you stick to your social media hiatus whilst you’re away and have what could potentially be the most relaxing holidays of your life.

The most relaxing holidays are social media free zones

How to take a social media detox on your next holiday

1. Make it easier to avoid social media by deleting the apps

First things first. You need to remove any temptation. I don’t know about you, but I’ve often found that I’ve unlocked my phone and started scrolling Instagram or Twitter before I’ve even consciously realised what I’m doing.

So, if the apps are still on your phone you might find that's the case your social media detox.

Do yourself a favour and delete Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or whatever other forms of social media you use before you get on that plane, and vow to yourself that you won’t download them again until your holiday is over.

2. Discover the benefits of avoiding social media by leaving your phone in the hotel

Not being on social media means that you’ve already removed a lot of the reasons you spend so much time on your phone. However, you’re still likely to have plenty of other apps to distract yourself with.

So, if you don’t actually need your phone for anything, don’t take it with you. Leave it behind when you head to the beach, or the pool, or go for a stroll around town.

If you’re in a group and think you will need a phone for whatever reason, like for navigation or to take pictures, then only one of you needs to take theirs. The rest can be blissfully phone-free.

Staying away from social media is easier if you remove temptation

3. Make staying away from social media easier: aeroplane mode for the win

If you do need to take your phone with you when you’re out and about, then you don’t need it buzzing all the time. You might have removed the apps for your social media detox, but those pesky work emails will probably still be making an appearance.

So, download a map of the area in advance, then tap that aeroplane and your phone will become nothing more than a handy navigational device, Plus a camera.

4. To take the focus off social media, take some photos, but focus on making memories

On the subject of cameras, and in the spirit of minimising screen time, think of your camera as being one of those old, disposable cameras with 25 pictures on. Or, you could actually get one of those cameras!

Take photos only when you genuinely want to record the moment. Then put your phone away, and contemplate the scene through your own eyes rather than through a lens.

Soak up the view, complete with the sounds and smells and sensations, and store a mental picture away in your mind.

5. For your social media hiatus, go somewhere you can really unwind

For us, there’s no better way of disconnecting than physically getting away from it all. When we’re in need of a break, we head for an island paradise. The feeling of being physically cut off means we’re keen to cut ourselves off from the virtual world, too.

Balearic Islands holidays can be the perfect opportunity to escape the madness of modern life. Find a bit of tranquillity, right in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Balearic Islands holidays are the perfect way to disconnect

6. Make removing yourself from social media a team sport

Having no social media on your holiday isn’t much fun if everyone else is still a slave to Instagram. So why not suggest that you all do it together?

Whether you go away with your family, best friends or partner, why not all delete those addictive apps. It might well make for deeper conversations and a better connection between you. Plus, it will mean that you’ve got someone to hold you accountable if you’re tempted to slip up.