Weekend getaway? Uncover the things to do in Marbella in 72 hours

Escape to warmer climes and enjoy a weekend getaway enjoying all the things to do in Marbella

Things to do in Marbella: The beach in Marbella at sunset with a lighthouse in shot

Are you craving an escape from the ordinary but don’t want to rack up the air miles? Indulge in a weekend getaway and uncover the hot things to do in Marbella, Andalusia. Expect 72 hours of luxury, culture, and sun-soaked relaxation in this Costa del Sol town. Once the summer stomping ground for stars of the silver screen such as Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, Marbella is a top choice for those wanting a five-star getaway. Pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable weekend in the Spanish sun.

The best time to enjoy all the things to do in Marbella

Marbella has been blessed by a temperate, Mediterranean climate. When staying in Marbella, visitors can enjoy long, hot summers and mild, short winters. During the summer months, the temperatures soar to the mid 30ºs with August being the hottest month of the year. To make the most of all the Marbella things to do, it is worth visiting the town outside of school holidays to avoid the crowds. However, if you plan to visit as a family you can guarantee that the top things to do in Marbella will be fully operational during the summer high season

Things to do in Marbella: A close up of the pool at the Barceló Occidental Puerto Banús

Cool off from the heat of the day with a refreshing dip in the pool of the Occidental Puerto Banús

Day 1: Time to explore the best things to do in Marbella

There are all kinds of things to do in Marbella. Enjoy the best beaches in Marbella, and then mix things up by discovering the local culture and history, all fuelled by meals at some of the best Marbella restaurants. When the sun goes down, you can choose between relaxing evenings sipping a cocktail, enjoying the sea breeze and hopping between the best clubs in Marbella. Or both. Are you ready for a holiday in the sun that you won’t forget in a hurry?

Marbella things to do on your first morning:

Start your day with a leisurely stroll through the charming Old Town, known as Casco Antiguo. The old town is quite the contrast to the modern beach resort areas. It’s a charming maze of streets, with whitewashed buildings adorned with flowerpots. Lose yourself here and you’ll soon emerge onto one of the many little squares, perfect for enjoying a meal, a drink or some traditional tapas.

The old town is quite the contrast to the modern beach resort areas

When exploring the old town, there are two key places, both of which are a Marbella must-see. The Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación is Marbella’s largest church, which was, as is the case with most churches in Andalusia, once a mosque. Admire the 33-metre-high church tower which was originally a minaret. The Ermita de Santiago is the oldest church in Marbella, dating back to the Christian reconquest of the area. It, too, was a mosque before that time.

And, whilst you’re exploring the old town in Marbella, don’t forget to pay a visit to the charming Alameda Park. And, if you’re looking for something a little quieter, pay the Parque de los Enamorados (Lovers’ Park) a visit.

Things to do in Marbella: A typical Marbella street with whitewashed buildings and cobbled footpaths

Explore the quintessential Marbella Old Town

Enjoy a spot of Marbella sightseeing during the afternoon:

After a leisurely lunch, embark on a cultural journey at the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engravings, which is set in a beautiful, 16th-century Moorish-style palace. If you are still in the mood for a real cultural tour of the things to do in Marbella, head off to see the city’s Roman ruins. There are two sites to visit on your cultural days out in Marbella where you can see evidence of the Roman occupation of the area - the ruins of the city of Cilniana, which you can see part of close to the mouth of the Río Verde, and the Vega del Mar Basilica. Spend the afternoon discovering Marbella’s fascinating history before wending your way back to the hotel to rest.

Discover the places to visit in Marbella after dark

As the sun sets, venture to Marbella's elegant Golden Mile. Dine in style at a gourmet restaurant and relish exquisite Mediterranean flavours. After dinner, indulge in a leisurely stroll along the seafront promenade, Paseo Marítimo. The twinkling lights of the yachts and the soft lapping of the waves create a magical atmosphere.

Things to do in Marbella: Sun setting on the boardwalk of the Paseo Marítimo in Marbella

End the day with a romantic stroll down the Paseo Marítimo

Day 2: Stuff to do in Marbella for nature lovers

Let’s be honest, the main reason you’re visiting Marbella is the Mediterranean Sea. And there’s no shortage of beaches in the area, or of water-related things to do in Marbella. Spend your second day enjoying the area’s stunning natural spots. Top tip: If you’re there during high season and want a slightly less crowded beach than Playa de la Fontanilla, then head a little further east to Playa de la Bajadilla.

Morning: Explore the things to do around Marbella

For those visiting when the temperatures are cooler, a hike through the Juanar Forest is an ideal way to awaken your senses. Choose from a variety of trails, each offering breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline and beyond. Yet, if you are in Marbella during the summer, you may want to spend your morning exploring the local products and souvenirs at the Mercado Central de Marbella, one of the key Marbella points of interest for exploring local culture and flavours.

Marbella sightseeing: The rocky outcrop of the Juanar Forest with a horned animal in the shot

When temperatures are mild, a walk in the Juanar Forest is idyllic

Afternoon: Cool off with an array of Marbella beach activities

You cannot visit Marbella without heading to the beach for a relaxing afternoon under the sun. Marbella boasts a variety of stunning beaches – from the lively Puerto Banús beach to the tranquil Playa de la Fontanilla

Marbella boasts a variety of stunning beaches – from the lively Puerto Banús beach to the tranquil Playa de la Fontanilla

Sink your toes into the golden sands, soak up the sun, and take a refreshing dip in the azure waters. If you want to get involved in beach activities in Marbella, jet skiing, parasailing and wakeboarding are all super popular. However, if you want to get out to sea in a slightly more leisurely manner, then there are all kinds of day trips from Marbella you can take on luxury yachts. 

Days out in Marbella: The pristine golden sand of the Puerto Banús beach

Sink your toes into the golden sand of Puerto Banús beach

Evening: Explore the old town Marbella nightlife

Spend your day resting on the beach, then kick your evening off with a Vermouth at one of the many cocktail bars with sea views, the perfect spot to watch the sun go down. The party doesn’t start till 1 am at the earliest. Yet there’s no shortage of incredible clubs and bars in Marbella so be prepared to be partying until the sun comes up.

Day 3: Round up your trip with the best places to go in Marbella

As your weekend getaway comes to a close, squeeze as much as you can from your time in Marbella. From taking selfies with the super yachts to indulging in the exquisite flavours of local cuisine, there is a lot to fit into your last day.

Morning: Explore Puerto Banús

When making your list of things to do in Marbella, you can’t miss the neighbouring town of Puerto Banús, a world-renowned marina and shopping destination. Wander down to the harbour to admire the yachts, enjoy some time on the beach, and treat yourself to a cocktail at one of the many glamorous bars that line the marina’s glittering waters.

Places to visit in Marbella: The yachts in the marina at Puerto Banús

Get up close to the yachts in the Puerto Banús marina

Afternoon: Spend time enjoying the Marbella outdoor activities

For a taste of local history and the chance to catch the last rays of sun on your holidays, visit the Bonsai Museum. Here you can find an extraordinary showcase of miniature trees that reflect the beauty of nature in miniature form. Wander through the enchanting gardens and marvel at the intricate craftsmanship that goes into maintaining them.

Evening: Enjoy a meal and admire the Marbella attractions

As your weekend escape draws to a close, savour a farewell dinner in the heart of the city. Select local dishes and celebrate the flavours of the Mediterranean while raising a glass to the memories made while exploring the things to do in Marbella.