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Are you looking for a special gift? Give the gift of memories, the perfect holiday, experiences. At Barceló Hotel Group, we have the best gift for surprising your loved ones or for treating yourself. Look no further...

Buy a Barceló gift card! You can give the gift of unique memories or use it to make your own bookings for hotels or experiences and services in one of our exclusive 4 and 5 star establishments.


Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Gift Voucher and all the information you need to know on how to purchase or enjoy it at the Barceló Hotel Group hotels.

Where can I purchase a Barceló gift voucher?

Our gift vouchers are available to purchase exclusively online at The purchase process is quick and easy.

Where can I use a Barceló gift voucher?

You can use your gift voucher at any of the hotels in the Barceló chain located in Europe, North Africa and the United Arab Emirates. You can book your stay by getting in touch with our contact centre and providing the code on your voucher.

You cannot use gift vouchers to book Barceló hotels on any third-party pages like travel agencies, tour operators or similar companies, nor for flight+hotel packages.

Where can I book a stay using my Barceló gift voucher?

You can book your stay by getting in touch with our contact centre or via our website. The use of the card amount will be applied directly to the hotel.

How can I spend my Barceló gift voucher?

The voucher’s titleholder can redeem its amount for accommodation services or other services related to his/her stay. This includes room service, breakfasts, dinners, etc. Contact the hotel to learn the specific possibilities for each accommodation.

In which currency are Barceló gift vouchers available?

Our gift vouchers are available in euros, pounds and American dollars. This is according to the corresponding country.  The voucher will be redeemed in the local currency of the selected hotel.

Who can use the Barceló gift voucher?

Only the titleholder of the gift voucher can use it.

Does the beneficiary of a Barceló gift voucher have to stay in the hotel where they want to redeem it?

The titleholder and beneficiary of the voucher must stay in the hotel and can pay both the cost of accommodation and any other service related to his/her stay accepted at the hotel.

Do Barceló gift vouchers expire?

Yes, the vouchers are only valid for 12 months from their issuance.

How is a Barceló gift voucher delivered?

Gift vouchers will be sent to the email address indicated in the order. An email will also be sent to the person making the purchase.

Does the total value of the Barceló gift voucher have to be redeemed all at once?

No, the voucher’s value can be used on more than one occasion. In other words, you can save the remaining balance for a stay or service at a later date.

What if I lose or don’t receive my Barceló gift voucher?

As vouchers are personal and non-transferable, in the event of loss, please contact our call centre to search for the purchase and send you a duplicate.

How can I check the value and valid date of my Barceló gift voucher?

You can access this information on our website or by calling our call centre.

Can Barceló gift vouchers be exchanged for cash?

No, the vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.

On which dates can I use my gift voucher?

Gift vouchers can be used for up to 12 months after the date of purchase.

What amounts are available?

Our gift vouchers are available from 50€/USD/£ up to a maximum of 2,000€/USD/£.

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