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Enjoy every moment of life

Hotels and holiday resorts where you can enjoy life and experience every exciting moment to the full. That’s the essence of Allegro. No two guests are the same. Allegro hotels are the perfect place to enjoy life; spaces where you can feel free and be carried away by the sheer optimism in the air.

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Holiday and urban hotels and resorts to enjoy active leisure in unique destinations, aimed at a younger public looking for something a little more joyful, lively and effective.

The hotels Allegro they are the perfect place to enjoy life; a space where you can feel free and let yourself be captivated by energy and optimism.


There is something to celebrate, something to discover, something to learn.


This is our declaration of enthusiasm. We would like to capture that joy that is palpable in everything that we do.


Practical and dynamic solutions: time is to enjoy and share.

Dream, enjoy, remember… come back

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