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The Experience Design Hotel


I still remember how I felt when I tasted the first dish. Now I can say that I know the taste of the sea.


We tasted flavours we didn’t know existed. Each mouthful was like being in Lima and Tokyo at the same time.


It’s not every day you have the chance to learn cooking techniques from a great chef, especially in your own suite. Repeat a thousand times.


Due to the current COVID-19 situation, some services may be affected. This hotel will operate in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines.

The level of relaxation and inner peace we found was something we’d never felt before. It was very special.


The sensation of freedom that we had diving in mid-ocean is impossible to explain. It’s something you have to experience.


Looking at the stars through the telescope, surrounded by water and total silence was absolutely unique.


When we flew over the Teide crater my hairs stood on end. I still get emotional when I remember it.


Other experiences

Sunset and stars on Mount Teide

Experience the moment when the sun disappears behind a sea of clouds from the summit of Mount Teide, at over 3,550 metres of altitude.

A night at the opera

Feel every note of the music sweep over your skin; how the excitement seeps into every corner of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Auditorium.

Searching for the blue marlin

Be a real Tenerife fisherman, feel the tug of the wind and the waves through your fishing line.

Lanzarote by private jet

Cross the skies by private jet to Lanzarote, where you can discover the secrets of the island’s most magical places.

Sailing beside dolphins

Enjoy the company of whales and dolphins swimming free in the waves of the Atlantic.

Wine and stars tour

Enjoy the flavour and aroma of Tenerife’s best wines in an artisan bodega at a height of 1,200 metres.

Shopping tour

Feel like a model for a day, shopping in the most exclusive shops in Tenerife with guidance from your own personal shopper.