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Barceló Ourense
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Ourense it’s a destination for experiencing it. The city of the bridges for its loved ones unique experiences: wearing your swimsuit all year round, eating octopus on Sundays, enjoying tapas admiring the cathedral towers, making the most of any opportunity to dress up. If you’re looking for entertainment, Ourense is also the perfect place. Examples of this are its festivals: Os Maios, Os Magostos and the famous Entroido. In addition, the city show takes place on 7 and 17 each month.

The popular Ourense Carnival

Stay in hotels in Ourense during their popular and special ‘Entroido’ (Carnival), it is guaranteed to have fun and an opportunity to unleash your imagination at the time of fancy dress.

Yes, costume must always be worn. As a compulsory experience, you can enjoy the typical product of these dates, the ears: sweets, made with eggs and flour; or pork, cooked and seasoned with salt and paprika.

The Carnival is a deep-rooted celebration with a long tradition in Ourense. The atmosphere of the city flooded with color reflects the homage to the discarding and the good humor that is intentional to celebrate with this celebration. Is that not enough? In September, there is also a Summer Carnival.

We insist in costume. Otherwise, those who don’t end up will probably end their rounds at any bar.

Escape to the Miño thermal route

Water is said to be the source of the first settlement in this destination. That's why guests who enjoy a stay in Ourense must immerse themselves in the history of the whole family.

The tour starts at the hot springs of As Burgas, next to Barceló Ourense hotel. From here, visitors are immersed in the green thoroughfare of the city: the river of the river Miño. The Miño Thermal Route The 5-kilometer pedestrianized trail offers the opportunity to take a dip surrounded by nature, whether it is winter or summer. It is also the perfect path for hiking, jogging or cycling.

In A Chavasqueira, you can choose between a Japanese-inspired atmosphere or a dip under the stars. O Tinteiro is a spring-viewpoint that is very popular in the neighbors of the city; the Muíño da Veiga thermal area has four swimming pools. Continuing the route you will reach the Outariz, Burga de Canedo and the Reza spring pools.

Without a doubt, an ideal place to enjoy an amazing setting at any time of the year. A must-visit during your Ourense holidays!

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