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Located between the airport and the city of San José Wellness Center and a wide variety of sports Free Wi-Fi, ideal for business trips
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Costa Rica is a Pacific country where conservation of diversity has been a priority for decades. Los protected national parks and the wildlife refuges are more than a quarter of its territory. As a result, Costa Rica has become a renowned ecotourism destination where travelers can explore volcanic mountains, tropical forests and coastal waters full of exotic species in their natural habitat. It is also one of the best places to spend a holiday on the beach.

Los luxury hotels extend along its Pacific coast, where there is a balance between tourism development and respect for the natural environment. Most of the hotels in Costa Rica have views of its beautiful beaches. Costa Rica eliminated its military in 1948 after a civil conflict, and since then conservation has been its main mission.

Gulf of Papagayo

The seclusion and luxury are the key features of this area tourism, where the best hotels in Costa Rica are hidden in the forested landscape along Culebra Bay. White sand and gentle waves make it the ideal place for a beach holiday. Hotels in Papagayo offer luxury rooms and all the comforts imaginableand private spaces for swimming and shady corners for rest. Adults-only hotels cater for couples seeking romantic getaways, in a place where crystalline water offers the possibility of snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking or sailing.

Day trips to the mountains of Guanacaste promise impressive views of volcanoes, forests and wild animals. Papagayo Hotels in Costa Rica they are close to nature but not forgetting all the comforts. The improved airport and paved roads make for easy travelers to the hotels.


East Coastal City It is the ideal setting for a holiday, swimming, sunbathing and walking along the white sandy beaches surrounding Costa Rica hotels. Langosta Beach is an excellent place to surfand it's famous for its big waves. Close to Las Baulas National Marine Park you can find nesting sites for bapow turtles, the largest sea turtles in the world, which are in danger of extinction. During nesting season, visitors can spot them putting their eggs on the sand. They can even see them under water if they practice Snuba diving, a new form of diving in which divers breathe through an air hose connected to the surface. This makes it easier than scuba diving and provides incredible views of turtles, whales, fish and octopus.

Tambor Beach

Tambor is located on the southern end of the Nicoya Peninsulanext to Ballena Bay, an expanse of horseshoe-shaped terrain with volcanic sand beaches and gentle waves. Tambor hotels offer a tranquil environment and attractive attractionsThese include outdoor massages, night-time shows, tennis and golf. Boat trips are very popular in the bay, which is dotted with islands and has a lake-like calm. A one-hour ferry trip crosses the Bay of Nicoya and visit lovely coves and ensembles along the coast. Another day-long trip must be sailing on a catamaran to Tortuga Island, with white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water perfect for diving. Also, an excursion to Curu National Park It allows you to see the most iconic animals in Costa Rica close up: monkeys, agoutis and sloths.

San Jose

The Costa Rica's Capital It combines a lively center with beautiful natural landscapes. To the north, a chain of volcanoes rises above the Central Valley. To the south, the Talamanca Mountains arrive in Panama. San José is full of impressive Victorian architecture. Just walking around the city brings examples of the views, especially in the Amón neighborhood. The impressive National Theater This is an excellent example of neoclassical style and a tour of the interior is a good way to invest in time. The Museum of Gold is a complex underground museum under the central square. This is a rare collection of gold crafts utensils. One excursion to the Arenal Volcano It takes visitors inside the shade of a famous peak. Natural hot springs provide the opportunity to bathe in the pools.

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