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Prague’s nightlife: discover its best bars and nightclubs

Previously, the Czech capital was known throughout Europe as being the city of fun. Cheap drinks and strip clubs attracted tourists who were looking to have a good time without spending lots of money. Czech beer, which is normally served in 1.5 litre bottles—with an alcohol content ranging from 10 to 12 percent, much stronger than the standard 5 percent in the UK—turned Prague into the preferred destination of Erasmus students.

The previous image of a decadent Prague has now been replaced by one of trendy spots, jazz clubs, cocktail bars and alternative districts that are perfect for enjoying some beers with your friends.

Prague’s top nightlife spots

Rather than being concentrated within a single area, Prague’s best nightlife spots are spread across the city. There really is something for everyone!

Staré Město: the Old Town

Staré Město, more commonly referred to as the Old Town, houses some of Prague’s most iconic locations as well as a huge variety of nightlife options. There are several bars and nightclubs around the famous Old Town Square. However, the Dlouhá, Michalská and Melantrichova streets are the most popular areas amongst locals.



Around Charles Bridge

The area around Charles Bridge, which connects Staré Město with Malá Strana (a small and historic neighbourhood), also develops a buzzing atmosphere once night falls. The eastern bank of Vltava river, which is busy 7 days a week, is home to Prague’s best-known nightlife hotspots.

Chicas en el Puente Carlos

Girls walking along the Charles Bridge

Nové Město: the New Town

Of the five neighbourhoods comprising Prague’s historic centre, this is the largest and most youthful. The area around Wenceslas Square is packed with concert venues, nightclubs and cabarets.

Žižkov neighbourhood

This former working class district of Prague is now regarded as one of its coolest areas. It is home to hundreds of bars and alternative venues. It is also hugely popular in the gay community.

Vinohrady neighbourhood

With a Bohemian vibe, Art Deco buildings and leafy trees, this is the city’s residential area par excellence. It attracts mainly artists and young students. The Vinohrady district is also home to some of the most famous gay clubs in the Czech capital.

Prague’s unmissable bars and beer pubs

In Prague, it’s almost obligatory to start your night out with a glass of beer. If you’re into your beer, we recommend paying a visit to a traditional pub where they serve enormous glasses of lagers, bitters and stouts. But be warned…if you don’t cover the glass with your hand, the waiters will keep topping you up! You could also visit one of the hundreds of breweries in Prague.

Cata de cervezas

Beer tasting

For lovers of underground music, we strongly recommend the Cross Club bar. Here, you can enjoy everything from ska to reggae, funk, hip hop and even electronic music. This bar’s main appeal, however, lies in its decoration, predominantly consisting of structures built from scrap metal. As a result, the bar looks like it belongs in a science-fiction film!

Vzorkovna bar, with an alternative style that is very similar to that of Cross Club, is renowned for the huge dog that guards the entrance to the pub. This bar attracts young people on a daily basis, who come to enjoy some delicious beers, listen to live music and smoke shisha. There is also a designated piano room, which can be played by anyone who fancies a go on it.

Slightly more traditional is the Lucerna bar: a legendary concert venue that has been graced by the likes of Earth, Wind & Fire. Nowadays, this bar predominantly hosts concerts by the most popular Czech groups. Its 80s and 90s parties are a staple of the Prague nightlife scene.

Amigas disfrutando de una cerveza en Praga

Girlfriends enjoying a beer in Prague

Karlovy Lázně and other nightclubs in Prague

Out of all of Prague’s nightclubs, Karlovy Lázně is the most famous. Not only that, but it is also one of the largest clubs in Central Europe. Held within a fifteenth-century building that used to serve as a church, this club consists of 5 storeys: each with different vibes and musical genres. Entrance to the nightclub costs 20 euros (without a free drink). This price means that it is primarily visited by tourists.

Unlike Karlovy Lázně, the Roxy nightclub is primarily frequented by locals. It is renowned for electronic music, although it also holds occasional theatre performances and concerts. It has two storeys that assume the shape of an ancient amphitheatre, with vaulted ceilings in the basement.

Another of Prague’s well-known nightclubs is Duplex, which boasts two storeys and an enormous terrace. Its atmosphere and decoration make this one of the most glamorous venues in the New Town. Duplex serves as a restaurant during the day, turning into a club later in the evening.

Smaller than the above is the Chapeau Rouge. Despite having two storeys, this club is found within the basement of a building. The DJs play a variety of different genres, occasionally hosting ‘Latin parties’.


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