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Dónde comer en Benidorm, descubre sus restaurantes con más sabor

Of course, rather than asking where is the best place to eat in Benidorm, the question should be what kind of food do you fancy right now, and, above all, from which country. 

Because the city that some know as the Manhattan of the Mediterranean (because of its many high-rise buildings over 150 metres tall) also resembles New York in the number and diversity of restaurants that you can find here from all around the world. 

A variety of cuisines required to satisfy most of the foreign visitors who come to Benidorm throughout the year. Nevertheless, if what you are looking for is where to eat food that is more local or traditional, there are also many options. 

Below is a list of suggestions for restaurants where you can eat in Benidorm, ranging from haute cuisine to the most traditional and inexpensive cooking. 

Benidorm’s best restaurants  

Without a doubt, one of the best options to eat in Benidorm is the In Black Restaurant at the Asia Gardens Hotel, which belongs to the Barceló Royal Hideaway brand and is about 8 kilometres from the centre of Benidorm. 



This restaurant, which is only for hotel guests, takes inspiration from the best of Spanish and international cuisine to create an interesting (and delicious) universe of sensations. Always with top quality seasonal produce. 

At the same hotel is the Koh Samui Restaurant, where the menu offers a persuasive fusion of oriental cuisines, while giving preference to Thai cooking. This restaurant has a very interesting and varied selection of vegetarian dishes. 

Back in the city of Benidorm, there is a good number of places that meet the standards of quality expected by the most demanding diners. Here are some of them: 

  • Xato (Avenida l’Església, 3, La Nucia): this Michelin-starred restaurant, located not far away in La Nucia, about 9 kilometres from Benidorm, is a benchmark of haute cuisine for the entire province. The chef is Cristina Figueira, who is theheir to a deeply-rooted family tradition of good cooking.  

    paella benidorm

    The Paella, leader of Alicante´s gastronomy

  • D-vora Gastrobar (Plaza Sant Jaume, 5): magnificent views of the Mediterranean and cuisine committed both to the quality of the raw materials (cod, sirloin, angus rib, the best mussels…) and to a good selection of Spanish and international wines. Whenever possible, dining on the terrace is a spectacular experience. 
  • Punto de Sal (Plaza del Torrejo, 3): at this restaurant Tomás Arribas exercises all his talents as a cook. This includes the selection of top quality ingredients with which he prepares dishes that have their roots in the Mediterranean and incorporate many nuances that surprise almost all the senses. 
  • La Falúa (Santander, 22): when speaking of restaurants where one can eat well in Benidorm, mention should be made of some of those specialising in the delicious rice dishes of the Mediterranean (vincular a URL sobre arroces típicos de Valencia). This is the case of La Falúa, although the menu also includes many other examples of top quality Spanish regional dishes made with select ingredients. 

Where to dine in Benidorm 

Cenando en Benidorm

Cenando en Benidorm

Benidorm is a city with a very lively nightlife. Here the fun usually lasts until dawn. So before the party it is a good idea to gather strength at one of the city’s many restaurants. These are some of the best places to dine in Benidorm: 

  • Amigos Bistro (Avenida Armada Española, 19): located on the seafront, here you can enjoy all kinds of delights of international cuisine (duck, fajitas, burgers…). It also has a wonderful atmosphere, both inside and on the terrace. 
  • Taita (Primavera, 8): this is one of the best places in Benidorm to eat the typical rice dishes of Alicante (vincular a URL sobre comida típica de Alicante). But there are also numerous nods to international cuisine. For example, tuna tataki, burrata with tomato, or jam crêpe.  
  • Margem Restobar (Girona, 2): this is another of the (good) restaurants in Benidorm that serve fusion cuisine using (also good) Mediterranean produce from the market gardens and farms of the surrounding region of Levante. To please all kinds of customers the menu offers quite a range of dishes for lovers of vegetarian food. 
  • Restaurante Esturión (Avenida Panamá,1): here the Mediterranean fish dishes are the stars. In fact, this is a great choice if you want to enjoy the cuisine of the Levante region. Of course, the restaurant also serves rice dishes, although they are a better option for midday. 
  • Fuxion Gastrobar (Carretera Alfás del Pi, s/n): naturally enough, this delightful restaurant focuses on fusion cooking, primarily combining elements of the cuisines of the Americas. So on its menu you are as likely to find burgers as arepas, guacamole, pizzas or shredded beef. 

Eating well and cheaply in Benidorm 

One of the best ways of eating cheaply in the city is to go out for tapas (vincular a URL correspondiente). But if you want to find a place to eat in Benidorm in a more leisurely, comfortable and economical way, here are some options: 

  • La Mejillonera Benidorm (Paseo de la Carretera, 16): it is true that
    Comiendo fideoua en Benidorm

    Having a fideoa in Benidorm

    many people come here to try the dishes of mussels that are prepared in a whole variety of ways. But it is also a good place to try the rice dishes, of which there are as many as 15 varieties, including the famous paella (vincular a URL sobre La Paella). 

  • Mariano’s (Girona, 49): a fabulous display of eclecticism, where you are just as likely to enjoy their hearty British breakfasts, as their selection of burgers, their chicken curry or their pizzas. All in a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. 
  • Mamma Leone (Lepanto, 20): authentic Italian-style pizzeria, with good quality food at very good prices. A classic Benidorm eatery, located in one of the streets where the British zest and atmosphere are most prominent. 
  • Aitona (Avenida Ruzafa, 2): this is a good place to go if you are looking to enjoy regional and Spanish cuisine at affordable prices. Acceptable paellas and fideuás. It is wise to book in advance, as it is usually quite busy, especially during the summer months. 
  • La Bahía (Avenida Madrid, 19): in the middle of Levante beach, this is one of those restaurants “that have always been there”, without any bells and whistles, but where they serve authentic, tasty food. Their daily and weekend menus also include Mediterranean rice dishes. 


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