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Terra Mítica: a theme park on the Costa Blanca

The theme park, situated in Benidorm, is a recreation of the ancient civilisations that once inhabited the Mediterranean. Carefully-designed replicas of their monuments, epic shows put on throughout the whole complex, and thrilling rides, which win the hearts of adults and children alike, all tell stories about ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. Fun is geared towards all ages, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when planning your perfect route on your visit. 

The best rides at Terra Mítica 

If you leave a ride with your legs shaking but hankering to go straight back on it, you know the ride is a hit. Adrenaline junkies will no doubt say that this is the essence of any good theme park: experiencing excitement and taking yourself to the limit. 


Imagine an upside-down rollercoaster. Yes, that’s right, a ride in which your feet are raised above your head. Now add in breakneck speed – around 100 kilometres an hour – and hundreds of turns and dizzying nosedives (to be exact, around five 360º turns at a height of around 30 metres). 




Like the previous one this rollercoaster is also out of this world. For the less than two minutes that the ride lasts, your body will be thrust into every conceivable position: face up, face down, on your side… All without slowing down from a speed of 60 kilometres an hour. 


This ride consists of a giant 80-metre-tall tower with suspended swings that each have a double seat that gets higher each time you go round the tower. Once you get to the highest point the panoramic views of the park are incredible (if you’re able to open your eyes that is). 

The Flight of the Phoenix 

If you suffer from vertigo this ride is not for you. Thanks to a 54-metre-tall tower you can experience a genuine free fall at full speed. In less than three seconds you’ll reach 100 kilometres an hour. Do you dare? 


The names of the rides in the park are not chosen at random, so it’s little wonder that after a go on this ride you’ll probably experience a decrease in blood flow to the brain. Consisting of an enormous disk-like structure with seats going all the way around it, the ride turns at a speed of 90 kilometres an hour around 35 metres from the ground. But that’s not all, as it turns, it starts to swing like a pendulum. 

Water rides at Terra Mítica 

The water ride at the park are some of the most popular attractions among visitors, above all in the summer months, when, after queuing up, there’s nothing better than a refreshing blast of water. 

Falls of the Nile 

Gliding along in an Egyptian sarcophagus along the rails of a water rollercoaster is now possible at Terra Mítica. This ride boasts two impressive drops of 20 and 10 metres, so if you want to really get wet, we recommend the seats at the back. 

Triton’s Fury 

This ride has it all: while you soak up the Greek mythology and history, you can get wet and enjoy several plunges of between a height of 10 and 15 metres. 


This ride is a version of Falls of the Nile that is suitable for all ages. It boasts two-seater sarcophagus cars and less dramatic drops, so the little ones won’t get wet. 

Water rides for the whole family 

terra mitica

A park without and age limit

The rides that come the most recommend are Argos’s Rapids, in which you can cruise along the river on a circular raft propelled by the current, and River Nile, a water zone with Jacuzzis, slides, a swimming pool and jets of water. 

Rides for kids at Terra Mítica 

The youngest members of the family love theme parks because they’re fun and they can enjoy new and unforgettable experiences. If you’re thinking about what to do in Alicante with kids (link interno) this is a great plan for the whole family. 

Labyrinth of the Minotaur 

With the help of laser guns, the groups that head into the labyrinth must try to defeat the terrible creatures that appear along the way. A ride in which the whole family can work together and the little ones will have the time of their lives. 

The Icaruses 

This ride is the kids’ version of Tornado. It has swings, just a few metres off the ground, which turn just enough so that the seats float gently in the air. 


Situated right on the Roman Square, it consists of a carousel with bird-shaped cars that kids accompanied by their parents can ride in. 


This six-metre-tall free fall is a world away from the Flight of the Phoenix, the 54-metre-tall adult version. However, it will no doubt win the hearts of the most adventurous children. 


The park also boasts rollercoasters for children over the age of five with softer drops and turns so they can enjoy themselves together with the whole family. 

Halloween at Terra Mítica 

When Halloween arrives, Terra Mítica goes all out to offer its visitors a terrifying experience. The park organises special shows, gymkhanas, craft workshops, fancy dress competitions, themed meals and even hair-raising haunted attractions to scare you witless. The most eagerly-awaited and popular is the Pyramid of Terror, which consists of a route through the Pyramid of Cheops that will send you into a cold sweat. 

Accommodation at Terra Mítica 

For accommodation close to the park we recommend Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa (link interno), a Thai-style hotel situated just a short distance from Terra Mítica with views of the Mediterranean. It’s the perfect place to treat yourself and enjoy a fantastic eastern-inspired massage. The swimming pool boasts comfortable Balinese beds and the tropical garden invites you to lose yourself among its lush greenery. 


Information of interest

Terra Mítica tickets:

  • See updated ticket prices on the official website. Discounts are available for children under the age of 12, OAPs over the age of 65 and people with functional disabilities.

How to arrive at Terra Mítica:

  • By bus: Route L1 Rincón de Loix–Terra Mítica
  • By tram: Tram Metropolitano Alicante: Line L1 (Terra Mítica stop)

Opening hours:

The park opens from April to October (Thursdays to Sundays) from 10.30 am to 7 pm. Opening times change in summer (its stay open every day until 10.30 pm).

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