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Tapas in Cáceres: social life in the city

As is the case in most Spanish towns (and villages), sampling tapas in Cáceres is almost an obligation. Or at least it is highly recommendable for those who want to capture the real essence of the city, best embodied, of course, by the locals, or cacereños.

In Cáceres, tapas entails much more than just eating or sampling the best local dishes. For locals, it is also a way of interacting with each other. On the other hand, it offers a great way for visitors to get to know the city’s historic neighbourhoods.

As is the case in most small cities, the tapas tradition is a highly egalitarian one, as the city’s bars host people of all ages, statuses and ideologies, who get together to enjoy the delicious traditional and creative tapas portions on offer.

Tapas bars in Cáceres are genuine social hubs, where you can easily observe the leisurely lifestyle of the cacereños. Tapas culture also adapts to the different seasons: in good weather, most people take to the streets to enjoy this pleasant custom, but as soon as the cold and rainy weather sets in, everyone huddles together inside the city’s bars and restaurants.



Bars in Cáceres

Migas Cáceres

Migas con huevo de campo, plato típico extremeño, Cáceres

There are countless tapas bars in Cáceres, especially in the area surrounding Plaza Mayor, which is also one of the city’s main points of attraction during festive seasons and at weekends.

But you might still wonder why there are not more bars in a town the size of Cáceres. The reason lies in the local botellón tradition, dating back to the 80s but kept alive to this day,

which involves people getting together in a public space to socialise with drinks they have bought in local supermarkets or shops.

When the custom first came about, several local bars had to close. But many also managed to stay open, including La Fontana (Venecia, 4), a well-known local bar with a long history in the town.

Over time, more bars opened, encouraged by the growing tourist industry. A good example is Calenda (Adarve del Padre Rosalío, 14), located in the Old Town, which offers an impressive international menu at an affordable price.

Typical tapas of Cáceres

Before you enter the enticing world of tapas in Cáceres, it is good to have some basic information about the types of tapas on offer. Read on to find out about the specialities of local bars and restaurants offering traditional tapas:

  • Patateras: A type of sausage made with mashed potatoes, pork fat and paprika. It is usually served with bread, although in some bars it might come with pieces of cooked lean pork.
  • Pringue extremeña: pork liver pate, usually served with slices of bread or toast.
  • Torta del Casar: This creamy cheese is undoubtedly one of the greatest delicacies of Cáceres. It is usually served on its own, but sometimes also as part of other dishes.
  • Zorongollo: A salad consisting of roasted red peppers, tomato, onion, garlic… Served cold, zorongollo is one of the most popular tapas during the hot summer months.
  • Migas extremeñas: one of the most traditional tapas in Extremadura and served in almost all bars in Cáceres and the whole of Extremadura.

    Jamón ibérico extremeño

    Jamón extremeño

Tapas areas in Cáceres

There are several tapas areas (or neighbourhoods) in Cáceres, both in the city centre and outlying districts, each with their own personality and adapted to different audiences. Cáceres is not a large town, meaning that you can reach almost any area on foot.

Apart from the aforementioned Plaza Mayor, you can also find good tapas bars in Madrila Alta and Madrila Baja, around Avenida de España and Calle Obispo Segura Sáez, as well as close to Plaza de la Concepción, amongst other places.

Read on to find out about some of the best tapas bars and restaurants in Cáceres:

  • Alboroque (Plaza del Duque, 10): Innovative cuisine served in half-rations, which are slightly bigger than normal tapas. Consider the size of the tapas when you order, so you don’t order too much. You wouldn’t want any to go to waste…
  • La Cacharerría (Orellana, 1): this place serves pork-based tapas (such as pork snout and Iberian pork cuts) with a touch of international cuisine.
  • Torre de Sande (Condes, 3): one of the most outstanding restaurants in Cáceres, also with an interesting tapas menu, composed of delicate and creative tapas portions with a strong emphasis on local produce.
  • Bouquet (Plaza Publio Hurtado, 1): here you can sample some of the best dishes of Extremaduran and national cuisine, with stylish presentation and served in ideal portion sizes for those who wish to continue their tasting trail through the city.

Cheap tapas bars in Cáceres

Tapas in Cáceres is normally not too expensive and in fact, most bars offer free tapas with drinks. In some places you get to choose your tapas, in which case they are served as so-called half-rations, generous in size, and although these are charged separately, prices are normally very affordable.

Here is a list of inexpensive bars for those who are on a particularly tight budget.

  • La Tía Tula (Camino Llano, 4): This place serves creative tapas, such as Extremaduran sushi (onion sausage wrapped in crunchy wheat flakes with piquillo pepper cream), in very generous portions.
  • Que Cocine Pepe (Plaza Marrón, 16): With a pleasant décor, this place serves classic tapas at a good price.
  • En Ca Rosi (San Ignacio, 3): Located in the neighbourhood of San Francisco, people often come here for a full meal, but you can also enjoy generous tapas with each drink.
  • Taquería Los Plebes (avenida de Alemania, 22): Here you can get Mexican-style tapas, that is, tacos with different types of delicious fillings, at an affordable price.


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