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Eight beaches in Granada you shouldn't miss

Costa Tropical is an idyllic destination with beaches that are as good as those on the other side of the ocean. The 73 km of beaches along the coast of Granada have clean and clear water as well as a pleasant temperature practically the entire year.

This stretch of coastline is home to 17 towns, including Almuñécar, Motril, La Herradura and Salobreña. It also has beaches for everyone, but with their own tropical feel. In fact, for hundreds of years, this was the only place where tropical fruits such as avocado and mango could be grown outside of their natural habitat.

Aside from beaches and coves with a tropical air, these towns also have a great deal of history, ranging from the Roman era to influences from the Nasrid occupation and churches built on the former sites of mosques.

For a nearby holiday destination, Costa Tropical is a must, and its beaches are another reason to visit this region.

Beaches in Almuñecar

 The coast belonging to this town is one of the most popular in Costa Tropical. This is a top tourist destination thanks to its 19 km of coastline.

This long stretch of sand houses a wide variety of beaches that cater to an array of preferences and different experiences. Endless beaches, small coves or untouched spots, the coast of Almuñecar has something for everyone.



For example, San Cristóbal Beach is one of the longest beaches in the region and its fine, dark sand is bathed by the clear waters of the Mediterranean. It is equipped to offer many services since it is located in one of the most developed parts of the region. The Peñón del Santo crag is at one end of the beach and the cove Cala de La China is at the other.

Puerta del Mar beach, the closest to the town and thereby one of the most crowded, can be found on the other side of Peñón del Santo. It has a lovely beachfront promenade featuring a Phoenician monument.

Costa de Almuñecar

Almuñecar coast

Beaches in Salobreña

This town is quieter than Almuñécar and its beaches have fewer visitors since the area is less developed, but most have services such as sunbed and beach umbrella rentals in addition to chiringuito beach bars, making them perfect for family outings with kids.

La Charca Beach is one of the best beaches. Also known as Salomar, its fine sand transforms into pebbles as you approach the water. It is easily accessible and has a car park by the entrance, although it tends to fill up quickly during peak season.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, then head to El Caletón Beach. This small cove with calm waters is less crowded. The seabed is spectacular, so snorkelling is highly recommended.

Costa de Salobreña

Salobreña coast

La Guardia Beach

La Guardia Beach is also located in Salobreña. This peaceful spot is free of crowds but has all the comforts and services of urban beaches. It is perfect for families or couples who want to spend the day under the sun.

Following a long U-shape, it has fine, dark sand and crystal-clear water with small waves. This beach is easily accessible and has a car park by the entrance. Kayaks, pedal boats, sunbeds and beach umbrellas can also be rented.

Additionally, there are many waterfront restaurants and chiringuito beach bars in case you get hungry throughout the day.

La Herradura Beach

The coast of this town was declared a Nature Reserve in 1989. It is, without a doubt, one of the most enchanting spots along Costa Tropical. Tucked away in a fishing village, it is rated as one of the best beaches in Granada.

With a waterfront promenade along the beach, this is the perfect place for sports activities and kids. Sometimes the sea conditions are right for windsurfing, but scuba diving and snorkelling are the most popular alternatives. La Herradura has one of the most beautiful seabeds along the Granada coastline and the area is a favourite for adventure seekers.

Playa de la Herradura

La Herradura beach

Cantarriján Beach

La Herradura also has a naturist alternative. This nude beach is one of the most popular despite being slightly less accessible. With plants and vegetation in the background, the fine, dark sand is bathed by calm waters.



La Rijana Beach

This beach is located in the town of Castell de Ferro (Gualchos municipality). Since this stretch of coastline is fairly rugged, its coves are less crowded.

Rijana Beach is the most famous in the municipality, and with its dark sand and exceptionally clear water, it is perfect for scuba diving or snorkelling. Since it is difficult to find and reach, crowds are kept to a minimum.

Playa de la Rijana

La Rijana beach

La Joya Beach

Getting here is quite an adventure. Located within the Motril town limits, this cove is one of the hardest to reach in the region, but the effort is definitely worthwhile. Tucked away from civilisation, this spot is surrounded by steep cliffs and rocky walls.

Since it is virtually untouched, this is the place to go for a relaxing day accompanied by the sound of the sea.

This sums up the best of the best in Granada’s Costa Tropical: hidden coves, family beaches, and above all, the perfect year-round weather to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean.

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