Gastronomic dictionary: All the terms you need to know to be an authentic expert foodie

What is the best way to learn about the culinary art? Immerse yourself in its terms and get carried away by the latest gastronomic trends.

Whether out of love for food or in order to impress somebody, there are gastronomic terms that you need to know. What is the best way to learn about the culinary art? Immerse yourself in its terms and get carried away by the latest gastronomic trends.

What are gastronomic terms?

Brinner: Or, what amounts to the same thing, having a traditional breakfast for dinner. This is not a matter of a dinner-breakfast in grand style; it has long been done without anyone being aware of it. Who has never picked up their favorite box of cereal, and dished out a big cupful in the middle of the afternoon, and sat down to watch TV? This is a good example of Breakfast for dinner.Raw cuisine or raw food: This is based on the philosophy of eating organic foods of vegetable origin in an uncooked state. But it is not a matter of taking a simple head of lettuce and making a salad, or of peeling fruit. It is worthy of a Master Chef and requires more elaborate techniques such as dehydration or germination in the case of seeds. The overarching goal is to eat food in its purest form, thereby taking advantage of all its nutrients. & Go: The new relaxed version of takeaway. New eateries take center stage and they invite you to practice this new trend.Street food: Food eaten in the streets: here the food trucks play the leading role. These are mini-vans that produce the most delicious culinary specialties and can be found everywhere thanks to their four wheels. cuisine: A mixture of Japanese food and Peruvian food that incorporates the purity of techniques of the former and the most traditional flavors of the latter. Brand Khorasan Wheat: This has its origin in the region of Khorasan in the south of Iran. And even though at present it is little known, we must not forget about it. Larger in size than wheat, this species is better for your cholesterol and blood sugar level. A super-food, which will doubtless soon be an indispensable addition to the shopping list.Brunch: Who hasn't heard about this mixture of breakfast+lunch? Now, however, brunch has become a basic meeting time on weekends. And the best place to eat brunch? The Hotel Barceló Raval. Every Sunday the faithful followers of this culinary trend meet up at the Hotel's facilities to enjoy a surprising menu in avant-garde surroundings.Drunch: A concept that was born of the union of drink+lunch and which takes place between lunch and dinner. A snack or after work combo that has acquired a cooler, more cosmopolitan name.Sprunch: The union of spa+brunch, a leisure concept that combines a treatment session or massage followed by the well-known Sunday brunch.Antojería: A space where, just as its name in Spanish indicates, everyone eats just what they are craving. At this type of place, different cuisines are usually mixed, and the Asian influence is very notable in more than just a touch of soy.With these terms, and with a passion for cuisine you will become an expert foodie!