Gran Canaria activities: the best sporting activities on the island

Whether you like having fun on two wheels or two feet on your holiday, discover these amazing activities to enjoy on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria.

So, your idea of the perfect holiday is an active one. Whilst you won’t say no to the occasionally chilled couple of hours with a cocktail and a long lie in or two, you’re not content to just lie around on the beach all day. You’re off to the Canary Islands, and you want to make sure you squeeze in lots of Gran Canaria activities whilst you’re there.

You’ve come to, and are going to, the right place. There are all kinds of activities to do in Gran Canaria to keep you busy and active throughout your whole trip, and we’ve listed a selection of them below.

Will you see Gran Canaria from the air, from the back of a horse, on two wheels or explore the magical world under the sea?

Read on for our tips for the very best stuff to do in Gran Canaria for anyone who loves getting active.

The best Gran Canaria activities for you

The best Gran Canaria activities for your holiday will largely depend on who you’re travelling with. After all, families probably won’t want to be doing to be doing the same activities as groups of friends, and couples might want something else entirely.

There’s something for everyone on the island, so as long as you’re realistic about the needs of your group you’ll all have a fantastic time on Gran Canaria.

Hiking Gran Canaria

There’s no shortage of amazing walking in Gran Canaria for all ability levels, whether you’re hiking with kids or with pros. Neighbouring Tenerife is better known for its hiking, but we think this gives it a run for its money.

Away from the built-up south coast you’ll find beautiful, varied scenery. There are some beautiful walks around the four-hour mark that make for a great day out. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and snacks.

Snorkelling Gran Canaria

Let’s take a dive under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. Gran Canaria snorkelling is always a memorable experience and is suitable for most ages and abilities.

Take a boat trip out to some of Gran Canaria’s most inaccessible spots or simply go snorkelling off some of its more protected beaches.

Scuba diving Gran Canaria

If snorkelling isn’t enough for you then diving Gran Canaria is a fantastic option for really discovering the underwater world.

The volcanic seascape is spectacular, and the variety of marine life is incredible.

Cycling Gran Canaria

This is one of the best things to do with kids in Gran Canaria, as if they aren’t independent with a bike yet you can pull them along in a trailer.

Almost fifty percent of the island is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, so there are plenty of wild areas that are best explored by bike so you don’t disturb the plentiful wildlife.

The island is great for true cycling enthusiasts and off-road biking pros, but it’s also great for families and people who just want to discover the island from a different perspective.

Horse riding Gran Canaria

There are plenty of choice for this, one of the best Gran Canaria activities for animal lovers.

Explore the volcanic interior of the island or choose a ride that takes you down to one of the island’s beaches for a truly unforgettable experience.

Paragliding Gran Canaria

See the island and ocean from above and feel the thrill of paragliding. There are several companies providing paragliding experiences on the island, and all of them will let you marvel at the incredible landscape with the sea surrounding it.

Take to the skies for an experience you’ll never forget.

Quad biking Gran Canaria

For those of you that like a bit of speed and don’t mind getting a bit dusty, one of the quad biking tours in Gran Canaria could be a fantastic option for your holiday.

A quad bike means you can get absolutely anywhere, exploring landscape that would be impossible to discover by car. For quad bike tours you generally need to have had your driving licence for a certain period of time and there’s always a lower age limit for passengers.

Let your guide teach you how to handle your bike and then show you some of the best views on the island.

Gran Canaria cave tours

Before the Spanish conquest of these islands many of the inhabitants lived in natural caves and old lava tubes, and you can discover the history of them for yourself.

If you’re looking for Gran Canaria activities with a dose of history involved, find out about how the original Canary Islanders lived by visiting the Painted Cave archaeological site, within which you’ll see the remains of houses and tools.

Pieces found in here date back to between the 11th and 13th centuries, when the pre-Hispanic communities were at their peak.

* Above and below the ground and the surface of the water are incredible sights to be seen and experiences to be enjoyed. What will the first thing you do when you get to Gran Canaria be?