National Parks in Mexico: The top 5 national parks in Mexico to visit right now

National parks in Mexico have got us daydreaming about exploring the Mexican wilderness. Discover the Palenque national park or enjoy hikes in Tulum.

Don't miss out on some of the best hikes in Tulum and discover the Mayan ruins.

Fed up of being cooped up inside? A trip to Mexico should be top of your list. It is not because the Margaritas are devilishly delicious. But instead, the national parks in Mexico offer the escape into the wilderness we have all been waiting for. There is nothing like reconnecting with nature and feeling free. But, stepping off the grid may not be for everyone. However, it just so happens that the most famous national parks in Mexico are all just a stone’s throw from the popular resorts. So, grab your North Face and pack your backpack, it is time to explore Mexico!

Nature’s Calling: Discover the 5 national parks in Mexico we can’t wait to visit again!

Just one look at the Mexico national parks map is enough to imagine the beauty of the country. But, it is not until you get up close that its true beauty sinks in. There are over 70 Mexico national parks and each one is different. Some national parks offer showstopping mountain ranges. While, other national parks in Mexico house majestic volcanos. The national parks prove that there is more to Mexico than sprawling cities, tacos, and Lucha libre. Read on to discover some of the best places to enjoy the great outdoors while on holiday in Mexico.

Palenque national park is a jewel hidden in the Mexican rainforest

Be Indiana Jones in Palenque National Park

In the 7th century, Palenque was a city teeming with life. However, after the Mayan rule, the city fell into disrepair. From the 9th century onwards a luscious rainforest took hold and left it hidden for centuries. It was not until tourists later discovered the ruins that it became a UNESCO world heritage site. It is believed that 90% of the city is yet to be discovered. So, if you fancy tracing the steps of this ancient civilization, head to Chiapas and venture into the wilderness. This is one of the best national parks in Mexico for history lovers. And, despite being lesser known than its neighbor Chitzen Itza, it is worth visiting. If you are planning a multi-destination stay in Mexico, plan a stopover in Palenque and uncover the mysteries of these fabulous ruins.

Looking for famous national parks in Mexico? Try Tulum!

Tulum may be famous for the Instagram pictures of young and beautiful people in equally beautiful settings. However, there is more to this corner of the world than on the surface glamour. Tulum national park is an eco-archeological site complete with coconut palms, golden sand pathways, and refreshingly inviting cenotes (sinkholes). To top it off, the Caribbean Sea ebbs and flows against the shoreline creating a relaxing soundtrack for exploring the Mayan ruins. Enjoy one of the many hikes in Tulum and get up close to what remains from the days of Mayan civilization. This was one of the last cities to fall into Spanish hands. As you wander around the perfectly preserved monument, try to imagine this city at its peak in the 13th century. What sights, sounds, and smells would you witness? Transport yourself to a bygone world before heading back to the resort of Tulum to relax.

The coral reefs in Mexico make up the second biggest in the world

Add Cacahuamilpa to your national parks in Mexico List

For those with an adventurous soul, a day trip to the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa national park is a must. Head underground and explore one of the largest cave systems in the world. To view this natural attraction it is essential to book a guided tour. Walk through the winding tunnels and listen to the sounds of the water filtering through the rocks. Stop to admire the impressive natural formations and experience the magic of this underground kingdom up close. It is also a popular spot for extreme sports. Rock climbing, rappel, and caving can all be practiced here. But, a simple walking tour is also available. And, while you are in the area, combine it with an excursion to Ixtapa for a day at the beach.

Go on a Mexico nature adventure to Cozumel national park

Not all national parks in Mexico are on dry land. If you plan to visit the island of Cozumel, a trip to the reef is a must! The coral reefs of Cozumel are recognized for their outstanding beauty. It forms part of the Mesoamerican Reef, the second-largest in the world. Cozumel national park is also one of the largest coral reefs in Mexico. The highlight of this reef is not the rainbow of marine life on display, but the sea turtles. Grab a snorkel and get up close to four of the seven species of sea turtle. Experienced divers will also enjoy swimming through the underwater tunnels of the Devil’s Throat located at 115 feet below sea level. After a dip in the ocean, dry off exploring all the hidden sights of Cozumel island.

Hiking in Baja California is a wonderful way to discover the local area.

Enjoy the Baja California Landscape at the Bahía de Loreto

Those visiting Baja California Sur should ditch the guidebooks and head straight to Bahía de Loreto. It is on the list of national parks in Mexico and it has also been awarded UNESCO status. If you are searching for Baja California national parks don’t miss out on exploring this group of five islands. Discover 16 species of reptiles on Coronados Island. Or, island hop to one of the other uninhabited islands to experience Mexico’s wild side. The preservation of the bay and the surrounding islands has created a rich ecosystem that continues to thrive. If you are searching for a place to enjoy hiking in Baja California, then venture into the fishing villages to get a taste of local life. Be sure to pack a swimsuit to cool off in the crystalline waters after. The calm ocean is a great place to practice scuba diving for beginners.