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Ixtapa has one of the best beaches in Mexico, preferred by tourists who want to enjoy a well-deserved rest on the Pacific coast. Located in the state of Guerrero, Ixtapa is a tourist complex located in Playa el Palmar, a wide stretch of white sand of more than ten kilometers with modern and spacious hotels. Travelers can swim, sunbathe and practice sports such as surfing, canoeing and water skiing, all just steps away from the hotel. Surrounded by tall palm trees, Playa el Palmar is popular among running enthusiasts due to its many kilometers of sand bathed in crystal clear waters. At Itxapa you will be able to enjoy a long and happy vacation at the beach without straying from luxury and comfort.

A trip to Ixtapa Island

Tourists wishing to learn more about the region have several options. One is to visit Ixtapa Island or Isla Grande, which can be reached by ferry in just 10 minutes. The island has two beaches: a sandy one with gentle waves, ideal for swimming, and another at the other end of the island, with a shallow coral reef that is perfect for diving. Restaurants and food stalls abound in this area, so it is not necessary to bring anything with you. Some tours include the possibility of sailing to a nearby lagoon inhabited by crocodiles, turtles, pelicans and other exotic specimens of the native fauna. Many experienced divers come to Ixtapa to explore Los Morros de Potosí, a place where granite rocks form caves, tunnels and channels that harbor abundant marine life. Families can get up close and personal with dolphins at Delfiniti, a place where it is possible to swim with these friendly creatures. Children will be delighted to feed them and swim alongside them. There is also the possibility of being propelled by dolphins in the pool, surfer style.

Choose the best hotel in Ixtapa

If you are looking for entertainment out of the water, guests of the hotels in Ixtapa will also find plenty of activities on land. A first class adventure is an off-road trip through the beach, visiting the small towns surrounding the tropical forests. Some tours include zip-lining through the jungle and others offer meals and drinks. Those interested in history can opt for a cultural tour. Among the places of interest are the coconut groves, as Ixtapa was a thriving coconut plantation in the past. Travelers will also find a brick factory, an archeology museum, a fruit plantation and an animal rehabilitation center, all with stops for lunch along the way. There is another three- to four-hour excursion to the neighboring state of Michoacán, which will take tourists to Tzintzuntzan (ancient capital of the Purépecha kingdom) and Patzcuaro, an incredibly well-preserved colonial city.