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The Barceló Guatemala City***** hotel offers wonderful rooms for celebrating one of the most important and desirable events in a couple’s life: your wedding. Knowing what this means to you, we want to be on hand to help you prepare for this magic and symbolic event.

Hold your wedding in the Barceló Guatemala City hotel

Wedding services

Civil ceremony: this wedding will be legally valid once you return to your country
Symbolic ceremony: ideal for those who wish to renew their vows. You will say your vows and receive your rings. The wedding is not legally valid; it is a symbolic act officiated by a non-religious minister
Jewish weddings: you can hold your wedding in the open air or in the synagogue

Advice and Suggestions

It is recommended that you choose your wedding date between 6 months and a year beforehand. Try to plan your wedding list in advance. If more people than expected are attending the wedding in the end, you will have to make changes to the food, drinks, etc.

If you decide to have a buffet, you can serve canapés or snacks

Drinks and liqueurs
champagne is the traditional drink for toasts, but you need to think about drinks for everyone: alcoholic (white and red wine, whiskey, rum...) and non-alcoholic (fruit juice, sodas...)

You will need to consider the room capacity, tables. If you decide on a lot of ornamentation, it can end up getting in the way of your guests. If you are holding a night time wedding, you can have candles, in order to create a romantic environment. Don’t forget that your table needs to be different from the other guests’ tables, so that they know which is the bridal table

In addition, we have created the Barceló Wedding Club where you can find out information about special promotions for our services and invitations to different activities in the hotel. Once you confirm your event, you will become a member of this exclusive club.

More information

These events can take place throughout the year.

No Catholic weddings can take place during Lent. The Jewish wedding ritual varies depending on the degree of orthodoxy of the participants, the wedding can not take place on Saturday - the Sabbath - nor 3 weeks after the summer, Easter week, nor Jewish holidays that are specific religious dates.

For more information o weddings, please look here.