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Allegro hotels have a clear objective: that their guests spend every minute of their holiday smiling. It is easy to achieve in privileged settingswith the best entertainment and amazing climate, but even more if you add two concepts to your holiday: Allegro Hotels Premium Level.

Premium Level: holidays with extra comfort

Sometimes, to be completely happy during your holiday, you just need a little extra. That extra thing at Allegro Hotels Premium Level: a concept of services and facilities that allow you to worry about everything, offering you an extra plus comfort, attention and service. Perfect for those looking for to enjoy another level of your holiday.

Cozumel: when the fun experiences are premium

Few examples represent Allegro Hotels Premium Level as a seafront holiday in one of the best areas in Mexico. Allegro Hotels Premium Level allow you to enjoy underwater coral reefs and rocks, natural beaches, a trip to the intact jungle and the best entertainment options from dawn to dusk. In addition to all this, the services that round off your holiday round off.

Premium Level rooms and suites offer a large, open-plan space for couples or families, with views of the sea and swimming pools, in a perfect location closer to the beach. A special wristband will open you with a private check-in area, with Internet access and a lounge where you can enjoy the local cuisine at all times. Because the special experiences a special guide.

It’s difficult to resist a service that will take your holiday to the next level. Discover all Barceló Hotel Group’s hotels for pets.