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This Moroccan city became famous when Rick and Elsa had their stormy love in the war drama Casablanca. But Hollywood is here to get close to the city to film in its studios, giving you the chance to discover the secrets and charms of Casablanca.

To the west of the country, this city bathed by the Atlantic preserves its old quarter, together with modern buildings that surprise visitors. It is one of the busiest cities in Morocco and the most recommended cities if you are looking for connect with the local culture, as offered by Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Casablanca.

Visit the most iconic city in Morocco

The diverse and open character of the city inspires the philosophy of Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Casablanca. A city that brings together history and an open attitude to the architectural experimentation of the best urban creators. For this reason, its urban center includes styles ranging from neo-Moorish to art deco: a surprising environment.

The city also hosts the the largest mosque in the worldHassan II, as well as the largest artificial port in Africa. Casablanca has a rich cultural and gastronomic life, where local cooking and traditions blend with new developments from Morocco and the city’s cultural legacy.

Hotels in Casablanca for a stay with a movie… or better

The fusion of the two essences of the city: modern and European, is reflected in stays at Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Casablanca, without losing the Moroccan aesthetics. The restaurants are a tribute to the local culture and fusion cuisine, the starting point for starting the city from the Central Market and then losing yourself in its streets.

Casablanca evokes images of the movies, but it is also an unmistakable space, full of contrasts and occasions to try out new experiences. Los hotels in Casablanca of the Barceló Hotel Group allow you to discover the thousand faces of a destination as eclectic as it is cozy, which will star in some of its best memories.