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Fez was the capital of Morocco until 1925, but it has not been overshadowed due to it. As one of the most important urban centers in the country, Fez reveals the authentic Moroccan essence of bazaars, busy squares and charming streets that, views from Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Fez, offer an unforgettable trip. The city is so beautiful and authentic that its legacy has earned it the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fez: the city of two medinas and a thousand sensations

In this imperial city, there is history around every corner. Monuments such as the Bou Inania Madrasa, the minarets of the medinas, the Royal Palace, the marinised tombs or the Jnan Gardens these are some of the corners that will inspire the traveler. Fez also has two medinas (pedestrianized centers) and features the largest marine-only space in the world. Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Fez are bursting with the life that inhabits the markets and the streets, participate in the culture and become the star of the city. local gastronomy and the most exclusive relaxation.

Accommodation in Fez for an authentic experience

Just 5 minutes from the train station and right next to the medina, Barceló Hotels & Resorts in Fez allow you to discover the secrets of the city and envelops guests in the oriental charm of the destination. Among the comforts of the services and cutting-edge facilities and an experience designed to taste Morocco, the originality, varied activities and relaxing moments in the spa or the Arabic baths, they will be the hallmark of your holiday in Fez.

Full of color, culture and entertainment, the African country is the ideal destination for those who want to experience unique adventures. Beaches, mountains, history, art and gastronomy with the best host: Hotels in Fez of the Barceló Hotel Group.