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Located in the heart of Budapest
Rooms on the upper floors with a large terrace
Facilities for meetings with a large outdoor terrace

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For those looking for nature and beautiful monuments, Hungary It is one of the best countries to visit in the center of Europe. It is the perfect place to disconnect and enjoy surprising places such as the second largest hot lake in the world, the green mountains or small medieval towns, among many others. Due to its beauty, a large number of monuments and places are considered World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Batalón Lake, Buda Castle, the Hungarian Parliament building, the small town of Eger and the Hortobágy National Park are just some of the many points of interest to visit. In addition, Hungary is a country renowned for its hot springs with medicinal properties.

Spas in Hungary

Hungary is rich in hot springs and it is considered a world of importance. The spa heritage, medicinal springs and fountains of mineral waters is of incalculable value. MythicalGellért Spais one of the best options. Located in the heart of Budapest, this spa has seen its facilities pass through its great facilities. Stay inBarceló Hotels & Resorts in Budapestallows you to enjoy this healthy pleasure turned into authentic social welfare.