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On the seafront of Varadero's best beach area
The comfort and ease of 2 hotels in 1
Excellent location close to the center of Varadero

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Varadero represents Cuba, the most modern and advanced, the best of Cuban idiosyncrasy, completely renovated to offer, with the same authenticity, many more fun, exclusive services and experiences. And the best way to see this is by arriving from Havana, traveling along the 130 km that separates them and watching the wild and thick forests, tobacco plantations, small towns and austerous roads... Until you reach the majestic Varadero.

When you arrive, the best option for making the most of it all is, without a doubt, staying in Occidental Hotels & Resorts in Varadero. A direct ticket for a few days on the most idyllic beaches with access from the hotel, an infinite range of entertainment, sports and plans; and, as no, the pleasure of enjoying a cigar and a good cocktail with the best views.

Paradise, also an inland sea

To innovate a little during your stay in the Occidental Hotels & Resorts In Varadero, you can visit Saturn Cave, an opening 20 meters deep and with a natural lake ideal for an unbeatable diving session.

In addition, Varadero has access to an offer of night time as large as it is original, with spectacular nightclubs, themed bars and, of course, the best they are in the dancing and live music.

Cuba enchants travelers. And in the hotels in Varadero it’s easy to understand why.